Justin Bieber’s Fisker Carma TOWED During Concert in LA!

More bad news for Justin Bieber’s car. The chromed out Fisker Karma was TOWED last night in L.A. while Justin was performing a concert :( … but it wasn’t his fault.

TMZ has obtained pics of the parking humiliation at the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica. The towing company says the car was towed because it had been occupying a 15-minute parking spot … for over 4 hours.

Sources tell TMZ, someone in Bieber’s camp had left the car there while Justin performed at the Staples Center in Downtown L.A. … roughly 15 miles away.

The Believe Tour concert kicked off at 7pm. The car was towed around 8pm and stowed away at a nearby impound lot. The car has since been picked up.

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  1. the name of the car said it all karma it has a bad karma arround it. he should be driving the his bat mobile or a normal luxury car like any celeb.

  2. Awww jerks they need to leave his car alone that was a birthday gift from his manager scooter so tow people leave it alone!!!! u jerks I love u Justin!!!

  3. who ever let the car there should be fired. and justin should leave his cars with his mom,scooter,kenny or even selena she’s got space in her new home. but seriously that person should be fired.

  4. DAMN justin that car may not really lik u need to giv it too someone or yu need to be more areful wit it dang how many times have u been through that machine lol lov u justin i rhink u need to keep it and next time u should read the parkig lot spot or a sign oh how can u convic yur parents to get JB TICKETS justin i lov u so much hav the peple in oklahoma lower the price and come to ft sill lawton oklahoma

  5. Leave the car alone that was his birthday gift I don’t care what be did with the car Leave it alone I really don’t care what u tow people say and u want Justin Bieber arrested no I wont let anything happen to him u jerks

  6. you stuipd poeple are just haters to JUSTIN BIEBER because most people wouldnt tow his SEXY FRESHH SWAGGY CAR> you scratch it pay for it. BECAUSE my JUSTUN paid for that not YOU

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