Justin inDemand: Drawing Jesus on his Album Cover!

Justin Bieber scribbles all over his own album and shows Alex James a ‘hidden’ picture of Jesus within the cover!

Full interview in:Demand:

  1. SUCKS!!!!, justin why’d you do this? Couldn’t just leave it clean? anyway you guys saw that gexwy guy on twitter? yep he got justin stuff!!!!!!! F!UCK HE’S SUCH A

  2. Justin is crazy. I think he wanted to have fun with the cover. it looks pretty nice poor justin. i feel bad for him. knowing that someone has his stuff and trying to screw him over. it must be a horrble feeling for someone to have your things.

    • Look up Justin Bieber Finds Secret Jesus On ‘Believe’ Cover. It shows a close-up of the album and you can see Jesus on the right side of his face.

  3. Really? But yes he didn’t …………… It why I still love him!! He is so cute wen he is smiling! And wen he is singing??!! Oh my………………….. Love you love you love you you*

  4. OMG I SAW IT OMG THAT IS FREAKYY!!! this shows how blessed justin iss<333

    Omg that is tha cutest vid eva naww u make me laugh!! LOVE U SO MUCHHHH <33

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