Justin inDemand: Drawing Jesus on his Album Cover!

Justin Bieber scribbles all over his own album and shows Alex James a ‘hidden’ picture of Jesus within the cover!

Full interview in:Demand:

21 thoughts on “Justin inDemand: Drawing Jesus on his Album Cover!


    SUCKS!!!!, justin why’d you do this? Couldn’t just leave it clean? anyway you guys saw that gexwy guy on twitter? yep he got justin stuff!!!!!!! F!UCK HE’S SUCH A

  2. kapua

    Justin is crazy. I think he wanted to have fun with the cover. it looks pretty nice poor justin. i feel bad for him. knowing that someone has his stuff and trying to screw him over. it must be a horrble feeling for someone to have your things.

  3. Bieber Luver

    I already knew about it <3 I love that he took the independence and did it not caring what others would think.

    1. JaylaBieber

      Look up Justin Bieber Finds Secret Jesus On ‘Believe’ Cover. It shows a close-up of the album and you can see Jesus on the right side of his face.

  4. sarah bieber

    Really? But yes he didn’t …………… It why I still love him!! He is so cute wen he is smiling! And wen he is singing??!! Oh my………………….. Love you love you love you you*

  5. Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    OMG I SAW IT OMG THAT IS FREAKYY!!! this shows how blessed justin iss<333

    Omg that is tha cutest vid eva naww u make me laugh!! LOVE U SO MUCHHHH <33


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