Mom Pattie Mallette Dating the Bachelor Host Chris Harrison?

Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette (36) tweeted a photo of herself and the Bachelor host Chris Harrison (41) on Wednesday.

She wrote:

“Had a great night with Chris Harrison! Thanks Ryan Seacrest for setting it up.”

Chris also tweeted:

“Huge thanks to Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette for an incredible night. Huge cool dad points! Great show!”

Ryan Seacrest jokingly tweeted:

“Does he get a rose?”

In the picture, Pattie poses with Chris from what appears to be backstage at Justin’s concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Pattie and Chris are both single. Chris split from his wife Gwen Harrison in May after 18 years of marriage. As for Pattie, she hasn’t been dating in order to focus on Justin’s career.

She told Ellen:

“I told Justin i would focus on him and wait until he was 18 when I started dating.”

A source tells US Weekly, Pattie and Chris are just friends.

“It was just a fun, friendly night! No real sparks, but they had a blast . . . She’s known Chris before and they are acquaintances. No real romance though.”

Could there be a future romance with Harrison? Should Pattie go out with him?

Justin talks about Pattie going out with Chris!

  • essie j

    they make a cute couple but she looks good with jermey :)

  • belieber

    they would look cute together!! :)

    • Lokani

      yeah they would. she’s adorable and very cute. Chris Harrison of course is adorable and besides he has hooked many of the bachlorette and bachlor up together. so cute.

  • OMB!

    um… :/
    If she’s happy,I’m happy!

    • Belieber94

      Me too

  • Alisha


  • Lany

    Yeah, its nice to date someone who is single because jeremy already got married and had a family.so why not justin’s mom got married and made a good and happy family.they both experince that past life so they can make a better future. Love them both.

    • mrs.bieber

      thats nice

    • Alondra Bieber

      True dat.


    wowow, they look gr8,, :)

  • MaliaBieber101

    Aww!<3 I think they look cute together! And if she wants 2 date and stuff I think she should bcuz Jeremy is married AGAIN and has 2 kids(:


    They are the cutest couple

    • #Believe In Biebah

      Well, Niall`s “Girl”, they`re aren`t a couple. If you read the article instead of just the title, you would`ve known. Directioners, smh.

  • @IL_Jelena


    awh!! he is a pretty cool guy!
    u guys r soo cute together!!
    i think its awesome that u nd jeremy arent together.
    i mean y’all were so cute together, but yu deserve someone who wont stab u in the back like that……
    u’ll always love him.. yes.. thats the father of ur kid(s).. its completeley understandable..
    chris nd u are cute.. bottom line..
    nd yes, if ur happy 9which clearly u luk like it <3)
    than i am!!

    love yu,

    follow me @IL_Jelena

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Well, IF they were dating, i can guarantee you that some Beliebers WILL think that Pattie`s relationship is better than Jelena. Just saying… -____-

    • JaylaBieber

      I know I will. Sorry, not sorry. :/

  • JaylaBieber

    I hope they do start actually dating. They’re so cute!

  • Jhene

    pattie’s 37 she even said it on ellen

  • AndresaStewart

    Not really, Not right at this time. Pattie can date him cause she was single for almost last 15/16 years but chris just got divorce few months ago. I don’t think they should start dating, I mean he just got divorced and it will atleast take some time for him to forget about his all 18 years of previous marriage. Well, its not even cleared that they are in a relationship or something like that. So let’s just see if they will, just want Pattie to be happy.

  • kimberly

    i hope, she find a true love, she deserves it♥.

  • maraa

    la mama de justin biber

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    They would look like an adorable couple
    I luv Pattie

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