My Justin Bieber Believe Tour Experience 2012!!!

From KyraTilde:

My story!!!!!!:

October 17th, Justin arrived in Winnipeg. After school that day, my friend Sam and I went “Bieber Hunting.” We didn’t really expect to find him, but after 5 hours of standing in the pouring rain outside Justin’s hotel, we did. Throughout this day, we tried getting into the hotel, but security was tight. We decided to walk around, and ended up catching Justin leaving his tour bus in the hotel parking lot. We ran, and a car pulled up and Justin got in. Justin, in the car, rolled down his window smiled and flashed us the peace sign. At least we got to meet him for a few seconds. The security told us not to follow, but we did anyways. We ran and followed Justin. His driver ended up turning around, thinking he lost us, and we chased him back to the hotel, where he entered a garage door. We lost him :(

Then, concert day, on the 18th, was really great! We had really bad seats, but we were just glad we managed to get tickets. The show itself was really good. Cool lights, choreography, and Justin went shirtless. What a better way to top it all off.

I recommend you go see one of his shows v soon!!!

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    What up YOLO

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    “The security told us not to follow, but we did anyways.” Lmao. Totally would’ve done the same thing.

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    WOW, JUSTIN’S SECURITY MUST BE VERY TIGHT AND Not have fans follow his every move. SINCE justin is very clausphobia. wants. but adore his fans very much.

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    Aww! I wanna meet justin, and its my dream. Luv ya justin.

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    That was a great video :) I enjoyed it a lot

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    i wish i can meet him someday :D

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    u r lucky

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    I’m going to my first justin bieber concert January 16th!:)

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    i love you so much your the best my name is carly and iam7