One Less Lonely Girl – Vancouver CANADA

Justin performing OLLG – Vancouver CANADA!

  • #1 belieber in Maldives

    awwn…first for the first time…dreaming to be ollg someday…love you justin!! <3

  • My Boyfriend is Kevin Tomswift.

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      I wish someday i could be OLLG :) these girls are so lucky! #thatshouldbeme :(

      • lovejustin

        I wish I was the OLLG. Although I have this dream to become a singer. Justin and Taylor Swift are my inspiration. Thanks guys! Love you both!

      • Swifty19

        I wish someday i could be the OLLG :) these girls that have been pick are so lucky!!!……. :(

  • Sammy

    one day
    i be
    OLLG <3 :)

    • david b conway

      i just lost my disconnection just from my internet on ,line because off you here , love david b conway

  • Sammy


  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


    • Alisha

      Yeah! So lucky, i wish i could be OLLG, too. Luv ya justin.

  • mary skies

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  • Bieberfan234

    Oh come on!!!!!!! seriously?????? that’s not fair!, someday i will be the OLLG i hope

  • Desss

    awww i wanna go back stage with Justin:( she’s verrry lucky

  • Belieber94

    Justin lookin’ sexy as always ;)
    She was lucky. I wish I was the One less lonely girl.

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    He looks cute and the ollg is adorable

  • Sammy

    i wish i be OLLG and go back stage with justin

  • cassidy=mrs.bieber

    i wish i could be your one less lonely girl, i’m going to miss your concert tomorrow in calgary, i wish i could be there. LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER

  • #believe

    I got the privilage of going to Justins concert in Fresno on the 5th, and i was wishing and praying to be the O.L.L.G, but it wasnt me :/……..But He put on the best show, though && it was my first time going to one of his concerts and i had such a amazing time, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and i cherished every second!!!! (: ANy ways i love you Justin!

  • lisa

    i feel like his ollg isnt as special as it used to be #missingit

  • sastika belieber

    I wish I also could meet Jb LOVE U 4eva #neversaynever

  • cassidy=mrs.bieber

    OMG!!! i’m going to the conncert now, i just got tolled that someone is taking me to his conncert, it’s so exciting!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!