One Less Lonely Girl – Vancouver CANADA

Justin performing OLLG – Vancouver CANADA!

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  3. i wish i could be your one less lonely girl, i’m going to miss your concert tomorrow in calgary, i wish i could be there. LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER

  4. I got the privilage of going to Justins concert in Fresno on the 5th, and i was wishing and praying to be the O.L.L.G, but it wasnt me :/……..But He put on the best show, though && it was my first time going to one of his concerts and i had such a amazing time, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and i cherished every second!!!! (: ANy ways i love you Justin!

  5. OMG!!! i’m going to the conncert now, i just got tolled that someone is taking me to his conncert, it’s so exciting!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

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