Pics & Videos: Justin Bieber Performing at the Sold Out Concert @STAPLESCenter LA

Justin Bieber performs during his “Believe” tour at The Staples Center on October 2, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. 15+ pics inside.


“Check out this photo it is @justinbieber view looking out at the sold out @STAPLESCenter #believetour”

Justin Bieber performing BOYFRIEND at Staples Center LA

Justin Bieber performing BELIEVE at Staples Center LA

  1. The show looks Amazing. Justin looks flawless and looks amazing on tour. His outfits always look so cool on him. He always has that swag wherever he goes.

  2. haaa the frst pic is pretty hilarious.. lol

    nd im soo proud of yu!!

    another sold out venue..?!?!!!!!!!



  3. Hope they have a movie made of this concert like Never Say Never-mtv probably wishes he had performed. He fills the void left by the death of Michael Jackson as no other pop idol today can-he’ll be bigger than ever!

  4. the idiots in the media and u-tube commentators concentrate on the vomiting part, ignoring how great the concert was. The fact is Lady Gaga as well as a few others also vomited during performances as well as falling of the stage, breaking limbs, forgetting words to songs, tripping down stairs on stage, etc. It could happen to the best.

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