Selena Gomez Accused Of Sticking With Justin Bieber For Fame & Her Brand!

There’s a new rumor floating around that’s basically accusing Selena Gomez of stringing Justin Bieber along!
According to RadarONline, her love for Justin has waned dramatically. But as much as she apparently wants to dump him, they say she feels obliged to stick around for all the good it can do to her career.

The sources explain:

“Selena and Justin’s relationship isn’t the fairytale romance they’d like their fans to believe it is. Justin’s heart is with Selena because she’s his first true love, but Selena is pretty much just riding out the relationship because she knows he’s good for her image.

Dating Justin is good for Selena’s brand. Together they’re a brand! Everyone in Selena’s camp is aware of Justin’s star power and is urging her to make it work with him. Let’s just say that if for some reason Justin’s star ever fell, Selena would drop him immediately.”

Wow.. what do you think beliebers?

Watch the video:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Really

    This is jus another rumor that is getting way out of hand…people are going to feed off it and give pity to JB and blame Selena for everything…even if it was true, there are 2 people in this relationship and both would be to blame…let them live their lives and deal with it as they please…its nobody’s business but their own.

    Good Luck Selena and Justin and God Bless!

    • ciara

      YOU are right

      • the real biebah

        I knew that she was using him for fame!!!!!!!!!
        the only reason why I want them to break up is that so he gets rid of her.
        I hate u selena if u r using justin for fame I hate u from all my heart if u are.and if u are not then I just dont care bout u.
        u always use ppl for fame….if its true tht u r using ppl for fame . i just hope u never get to the success u wanna reach|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Brianna Binkowski

        She is not using him. It is just a rumor just to get you guys fighting whether or not you hate the Jelena couple. I say it is just a rumor just to get you guys to start hating on Selena. She was born in Texas and her family is still in Texas. Why do you think she brought Justin down there last year? To spend Thanksgiving with her family. She even invited his mother.

      • the real biebah

        I dont know ,but can u explain why did she date all of the famous teens and broke up with them when they lost thier fame?! :s hhhmmmmm”wondering”. and can u explain how she never gets him anything and he gets her all the nice things and can u explain why when ever they are caught on a pic he would be the one kissing,smiling or hugging her! pretty obvious.

      • the real biebah

        and if it was or not rumor …I ‘ve always doubted her dating him for fame and right now am actually not believing any of this video’s talk.they didn’t even have proof and I had almost all the proofs and examples…am not sure if she is dating him for fame or not but 70% of me says tht she is!
        but any who it’s never fair to judge sumthing ur not sure of soooo.

      • Suki

        I think Selena Gomez is using justin bieber for fame too. Selena Gomez i want all your friends to know that you should break up with justin bieber and fine a different guy to go out on a date.

    • Jsha bieber

      Thats the truth STFU.

      • Algebra sucks

        But it really might not be the “truth”, the TRUTH is we just don’t know, you are basing the “truth”off of your opinion, but the TRUTH is it could be just another rumor, and the TRUTH is it might be true. It just so happens this “truth” supports your opinion, u believe Selena is using justin and this rumor supports that belief, so of course u believe it, but it might not actually be true, so saying it IS true, might not….be true

      • Jsha bieber

        Hmmmmmm Ni*ga Did i asked you for ur OPINION or stupid ;) replay???????? N0pe

      • Algebra sucks

        U didn’t need to ask me for me to say something, if it bothers u pay it no attention.

      • paola

        OMG get over it !! Like I care if she breaks his heart but you really think she has time to be meeting ordinary guys she sees all the famous guys so she is just with them !! Trust … If Justin was with an ordinary girl you guys would be Ooh she want his money for real!!

      • Jessica

        Shes not using him. its just a rumor, do you believe everything you hear?! like of course selena dated all those teen celebs because no non celeb guy wants to deal with fame. And the reason why she doesnt smile and stuff because the paparazzi follows them everywhere! she said in a interview that she doesnt like the cameras and all the paparazzi so she just keeps her head down. When the paparazzi isnt there like when there in justins house or in a restarunt shes looks happy and she has a huge smile on her face. If you say that you hate her then your not a true belieber. I like selena and im happy for justin, we cant choose who he dates. Thats his Desition.

    • Its pinche Rosalina

      Oohh i actually agree with this article. Stupid hoebag i knew it! Stupid slut be usin him 4 publicity! I otta bust her nuts rite now!

    • i agree

      SOO True Even Though I Hate SELENA GOMEZ i aggree cos they shud handle this in private i love jb’s song and cant love him cos i dunno the real Justin soo … Therees no 1 to blame for it they should handle it in their own way ….. It may be Rumors IT may bbe tru U NEVA NO

    • i agree

      SOO True Even Though I Hate SELENA GOMEZ i aggree cos they shud handle this in private i love jb’s song and cant love him cos i dunno the real Justin soo … Therees no 1 to blame for it they should handle it in their own way ….. It may be Rumors IT may bbe tru U NEVA NO

    • JB lover

      I couldn’t agree more. U took the words out of ma mouth. Pple should just mind their own business n leave them alone. Love u both! Don’t let these rumours come between u two! Luv u!

  • Ashley

    I am first.. If that is true Selena is going to be hated by the beliebers.

    • Really

      She already is, this just gives them more excuses to call her names, send her death threats, etc…JB is a grown up now and should be able to deal with his own relationship without people trying to get in his business; if this is your idol than wouldn’t you think he is smart enough to handle his own without being told by his fans that he doesn’t know what he is doing…leave them alone and let them figure it out without judging either one…

      • Awesomness

        First off, to be a star in Hollywood means that you have no secrets and you should expect no privacy. Selena and Justin are Hollywood’s IT couple and after almost two years of dating, they should expect no privacy also. so you cant say that we should respect it because it’s practically their entire life.

    • Belieber94

      I don’t hate on her

    • Lokani

      It has to be totally BS, why would they say that, I would think that would hurt Justin’s feeling. He’s totally in love with her. Besides hes her first true love. He adores her very much.

      • goldeneda-beliber x3

        you can’t be sure …. everything that Justin say isn’t true sometimes … and this is not his fault and honestly , I don’t think that he adores her

      • kahani

        oh he does . his tweets are so adorable and very cute. there tweets to each other are very cute and very sweet to each other. besides NOV 9TH is going to be three years that they have been together.

    • !!!!!!

      only now them figure da out? geez

  • Kashe

    I knew it, she seemed like that from the jump.
    Shes a dirty ho.

    • Love Katie 14

      Shes not a dirty hoe but i do believe that she is just with Justin for the fame I’ve thought that from the beginning But i was hoping that i was wrong

    • always belieber


  • TrueBelieber56

    but why would they start this shít tho???? UGH!!!!!

  • Mbieber

    Now bleibers you can see what am saying she’s not the right person for justin she’s just decieving him….i wish i could become his girl friend i will deal with selena seriously and make him forget about her in his life……but anyway this not my problem it’s his…but to be honest and truth what do u think beliebers? I need a matured answer

    • Jsha bieber

      I agree.

      • Berni

        i = I agree

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      I think selena is isn’t true love for him …..selena was famous before dating with Justin but everyone can see that she is more and more famous after dating with Justin … and absolutely everyone can see this . but I don’t know if she planned it or not

  • @JarielizBieber


    • alyssajones

      i totally agree with u @jarielizbieber

    • bleep

      i agree also. they seem like a nice couple to be with each other. go jelena!

    • the real biebah

      am not believing what they are saying but I believe what I say and what I say is that she is using him for fame but..am not sure of it either and am always happy when he is happy but have u ever concidered her dating all those famous teens…I really hope it’s not true but we can’t deny a fact.

    • kahani

      THANK YOU. tabloids are retarded and love to makeup stories about celebs which half of the time aren’t even true. they are so stupid and full of crap.

  • Marley


  • Marley

    Like we haven’t heard this before…

  • Big Fan, Huge

    Give me a break, leave these two young people alone, it is hard enough to make it in life without all these fales stories that they put out to cause trouble. What the hell they have been together for 2 years now don’t you think they could tell if the other one is faking it. Everybody that knows them thinks they are great together so why don’t people give them a chance, just let them be happy!

  • alison

    good god i hate people who run gossip websites like radar online or tmz this stupid story is going to make a crazy fan attack selena. if she was using him she would have sell there life story to any crapy magazine and she hasen’t and to tell you the truth her so called brand is not doing so well her perfume is no that great the only thing that she was good selling is her clothing line and that was way before justin because she had her show to promote it. listen in my view justin is crazy about her and she’s crazy about him but unfortunately magazines,gossip websites and even bloggers create crap like this to sell a stupid story and make more people hate her. i know some of you hate her anyway but don’t go crazy about a stupid story like this one.

  • lexi

    Ok can yall stop with the I support jelena and you should too bullcrap cuz NEWFLASH we aren’t obligated to support that fake relationship I don’t like it and I never will that doesn’t make me a fake belieber and I’m sick of repeatedly saying that to ignorant people that K?K.

  • Mel

    tbh I hope they finish soon, there relationship is boring me…

    Lets be honest she probably is using him.

    • Alana

      hahaha I totally agree….she was never even talked about before she dated him….and now everyones saying how famous she is :S only because of justin realistically!

    • Algebra sucks

      we really don’t know if she’s using him, the only ones that COULD know if Selena is using him is Selena and Justin himself and friends and family that actually KNOW the couple and seen how they work together, Pattie said she likes Selena, if Pattie suspected that Selena was taking advantage ofJustin she would have talked to Justin about it probably and his friends and family would be telling him what they think, having actually KNOWN them PERSONALLY, but like I said before Pattie said her self she likes Selena and Pattie actually met Selena and spent time with her so if its any opinion I’d agree with it would be hers or someone who know Jelena personally. And I have to say i wouldn’t hope a couple breaks up just because their relationship isn’t entertaining, I mean they aren’t together to entertain us and give us something to talk about, so if they are boring to us its not our problem, and it isn’t a reason to break up just because their audience is yawning, they never wanted an audience in the first place.

      • Marlene

        I agree with u @I hate algebra :D

      • Marlene

        Srry I meant @ algebra sucks ..haha srry !!

  • Sparkle

    The only reason people said that is because their jelouse Selly get JB and they don’t get none of that sexiness.

  • sarahhh

    damn some people here beleive everything they hear.. if you were a true belieber, youd except the fact that their dating, most people hate selena because there jelaous. this obviously isn’t true. she has so many other boy out their that are as famous as justin.. & she stayed with him. People just want attention

    • iyana luvs justin bieber

      Everyone’s a true BELIEBER, you can’t say that somebody’s not a true BELIEBER because of what they believe and their opinion, so what? It’s their opinion if they like or hate JELENA It doesn’t really even matter.I’m tired of people saying that somebody is not a “true belieber!” Or “your not a real belieber if you don’t like JELENA!!” welll then!, STFU don’t reply on somebody’s comment sayng that their a bad BELIEBER.Because, ther not!” All of us are real and true BELIEBERS no matter what!!

      • goldeneda-beliber x3

        you are so right , iyana luvs justin bieber

      • iyana luvs justin bieber

        Thnx golenda belieber x3

  • jesse b

    wow this story was made by an angry 40 year old who not a fan of justin or selena. listen i don’t like the girl at all as a singer or actress don’t hate her either just dont like her. but the radar online storie. is stupid and shows they don’t know that selena’s brand is only her clothing line and a very ugly one i might add. and she never wears them the other stuff people call her to model for it.but in my view she cares about justin if not why she goes to visit him with out make up in his tour at least i saw her with out when i saw her in canada she was with fredo and she was a few feet away but in my opinion is up too justin if he thinks she’s using him he the only one who decides there fait, but this story sounds made up becasue they don’t say the name of there sources.

  • Bdahk

    In my opinion I think justin is too good for her . He was A huge superstar by himself but now seance Selena is in the image she is getting more fame because of him. Cause when Selena was single she didn’t have as much fame she was some girl from Disney Channel. But now seance she’s With Justin she became huge .

    • Marley

      Her rising fame has nothing to do with Justin. It’s gotten her more publicity, but she was pretty well out there before she even became associated with Justin.

      • mara123


  • supportthem

    Give me a break, leave these two young people alone, it is hard enough to make it in life without all these fales stories that they put out to cause trouble. What the hell they have been together for 2 years now don’t you think they could tell if the other one is faking it. Everybody that knows them thinks they are great together so why don’t people give them a chance, just let them be happy!

  • MaliaBieber101

    I’D LOVE TO HEAR A JELENANATOR TELL ME SOMETHING NOW! I think everyone in Earth should know Slutena is just a Gold digger! & she is just using him!! ….

  • TrueBelieber56

    but dont y’all think Justin would notice by now & dumped her AS$ about a year ago or so???it’s like calling Justin stupid or having bad taste.

  • TrueBelieber56

    love you Justin

  • Keep talkin and imma f*ck u up!!!

    I’m a Jelena supporter. But my question is, WHAT TYPE OF BITCH WOULD WANNA BREAK UP WITH JUSTIN BIEBER?!?!?!??! Nigga, u tryna break his heart??? After all the love and gifts that he gave u??!?!?!?!?!?
    Now did shit is f*cked up!! If Selena breaks up with him, I SWEAR…. I will not be her fan anymore!

    • Me

      This one goes out to @keep talkin n im gonna f**k u up.

      Now i dont appreciate u calling people a nigga its wrong. I call my bros niggas bcause they r ma bros.

      So bitch pls think im sure u have a brain somewhere in that head of yours thanks.

      More important stuff.

      If thats what selena is doing then i hate her for it some people r saying that they’ve been dating for 2 years now n they could tell if the other is lying but remember shes an actress. She can put on an act n anyone could buy it.

      Justin im sorry if thats what she is doing if she is im sure ull find it somewhere in your heart to forgive her. Be a belieber and show us the way. But for now its just the gos so put that beautiful smile of yours on your face n be brave for not only u but also for us cause we love u.

      Wow i sound like my mom thats new. But keep smiling its too beautiful to hide.

      • Keep talkin and imma f*ck u up!!!

        BITCH, I can call otha people niggas whenever I want to! Since when did u ever have to appreciate my opinion? Just cuz I’m calling people niggas does not mean I’m saying it in the racist way. And bitch, I have a brain and I kno wats wronge, wats right, and wat not nessasary. So nigga, f*ck off!!! Since when did u ever have the rite to tell anyone wat to do about someone’s opinion? So plz, let me say and do whateva I wanna do on here! BYE

    • Me

      Bitch pls ok i ain’t never said i disagree with what u have to say about selena. N i dont really give dam what u mean when u say nigga its offensive to not only me but to all black people.

      N u say u have a brain well news flash u dont u just proved it. Like did u not see the spaces n then the new title. U must be blind r yr full blown stupid. Ur welcome to come to the karma cafe u dont have a menu u get served what u deserve so deal with it have a nice day i no i will.

      Btw this is to @keep talkin and inma f**k u up.

      I dont think u no what the word means so dont use it k u ain’t better than nobody

    • -___-

      You all know that at some point every relationship breaks down you guys seriously you guys are really idiots just wait until it happens and stop making crap up oh wow shes and actress so lets just say you are guys are beliebers true but the very annoying one of course

  • BIEBERSbitch(;

    I do NOT hate Selena. I’m not her fan , nor do I support her . But that video is exactly how I feel sometimes . But we all know we’ll never actually marry justin <|3 so just let him be happy for once

  • Georgia


  • mersaydez roufosse

    R u guys really are going to get married if u r tell me everything tha u r going to have at ur wedding


    they have been dating 2 years now hollywood STFU AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO RIT ABOUT

  • Ivan

    Alison is right. These sites are like the gossip newspapers you see in stores. There are so many false stories about them going around. One is that Justin has cancer according to a phony site called Bald4Bieber which is trying to pull a fast one on beliebers-many are falling for it. Don’t believe it unless they can prove it by reliable sources.

  • Jay

    Justin is not a baby he can handle his own problems,,,


    You know wht I’ve ran out of words.litterelly speechless. This is just ridiculous think about it I don’t see a future with them two.just no way.i have actually a lot of stuff to say stuff that hurts stuff that I wanna spill out of my sensitive heart but its just too much.since the time selena’s name was mentioned I’d instantly get in a bad mood and feel like crying.im not hating I’m telling u how I feel.ok that rumour,it may not be selena using him for her career on purpose but I must say she has got more popular ever since sating him I’ve learned more about her after that happend before that honestly I just knew her name and that she’s in wizards of Waverley place I thought like she vanished she wasn’t in the celebraty world because she wasn’t popular at all now a that she is dating Justin she is way too overrated.but I won’t hate on there relationship I will respect it shut up,get patients and see wht happens,even though I’m heart broken cus I luv Justin so much and I’m a Belieber so ill just keep that pain to myself but honestly I have ran out of words to say anything about selena and Justin or how I feel,it’s just like a cat stole my tongue.

  • JaylaBieber

    All these Jelena fans need to take a damn seat and shut the f*ck up. You can sit there and talk and talk until your blue in the face because no one is going to give a sh!t. We knew for a while that she was just using him and I feel bad for him. He’s eventually going to get his heart broken by the she-devil over there.

    • mrs.swaggiebieber

      Agreed. I knew about her scheme, since oh, idk forever? But the point is that the lil devil can do what she wants with the poor boy and he may not have a dang clue. He is not a baby for sure. But, I hope he figures out soon cause there’s nothing we can do. I’m sorry Justin. I love you. Like Sara said, she has not done anything for himbesides visiting his concerts.so what? That’s nothing. They never go out.

      • Marley

        The words that you just typed are completely out of line. Scheme? What scheme? You people act like you’ve been friends with him since kindergarten or something!
        Stop making stupid conclusions of someone your not a fan of. It makes this fan base come off as pathetic.

      • JaylaBieber

        Cool story bro.

  • sara

    i completely agree with this i mean its not like she has done anything to contribute to their relationship i just hope justin figures it out soon

    • OhhHellNo >.

      Forreal Sara >.< I don't get why he doesn't belive them . But then again he needs proof himself. I swear if i was a detective i would prove to him how she is using him . If it's not true then maybe she should give me a call & Tell me why this rumor is wrong . Because OH HELL NO . She pissed off the wrong Fan D: