Thief Threatens to Leak More Justin Bieber’s Personal Footage Videos on Twitter

The person who stole Justin’s laptop and camera has been leaking Justin’s video footage on Twitter all night and harassing Justin online, under twitter account @gexwy!

Now, he’s been threatening to leak even MORE personal footage that he got his hands on, including Justin at a wild pool party!

According to sources, if Justin and his camp don’t meet the demands –involved with money — by tomorrow at noon, shocking content will be released.


  • I Will Love Justin Bieber Forever♥

    First!!!!! And this gexwy dude is a total lowlife weirdo. Beliebers bonds are unbreakable so put up anything you want you sicko. See if it changes anything :)

    • the one and only Mrs. Bieber

      I totes agree this guy is completely cray-cray!… once a belieber always a belieber.

    • Sasha

      thats right :)

      • david b conway

        do you what me to listen to justin bieber,s music ask me please , love david conway

      • Belieber94

        @david b conway. I don’t care if you do or not.

    • lovejustin

      we will never ever leave justin! f*** that b*tchy guy!

    • proud belieber

      yup so right,,, but lol he seems to not have any idea who we are…. dude we’re BELIEBERS we will support him even if u posted all the videos in the world :D loser mf !!

      • rada

        It’s a prank y’all!!!! he’s gonna put out the music video beauti and a beat with nicki minaj at noon! he’s the prankster after all

      • lovejustin

        This guy is sooo weird …he should leave justin alone…we love u justin bieber no matter what

    • chantelle bieber xx

      that freak poor justin i will always be the biggest fan of him not matter what people say

  • Lokani

    WTF, What a PerV, anyone who steals other people’s stuff is Freaking idiot. No one deserve to have there stuffs stolen by anyone. Just wrong.

    • david b conway

      yes i love to discard my old and the new comments i made this year and the ones that i made just from walt disney web site of disney infonet .com web site i love to for get all my problems i gave to disney and here , i just love to come back on ,line internet please , and yes i do love selena gomez , love david conway

  • John

    Don’t see the video

    • Belieber94

      This is just a clip of it. The video came out today, Oct. 12th


    this guy is so stupid

    • Anthony Bertoia

      My daughter just went to his concert in vancouver and bought his new cd and found a golden ticket but because we are canadian we cannot go into the draws. What a shame i thought justin was a canuck

      • Belieber94

        They probably just do it in the Us.. Sorry

  • @Belieber

    Even The Thief Leak That Video. We Still Love You And We Will Fight For IT!

    • Alisha

      Yup, we luv u justin soooo much.

  • taylor

    gexwy is justin cleary! this video is obviously behind the scenes for his beauty and a beat video– we know that music video is taking place at a water park, tomorrow justin is obviously going to be announcing and showing us his beauty and a beat music video! :) dont worry guys hes just pranking us!

    • Belieber.

      yeah, not so much..

      • 2crazy4bieber

        IT’S TRUE! Taylor is right. ANY belieber would know this is how Justin does things.

    • Annonymous

      You Idiot.

    • Alisha

      Nooo, i don’t think so.

      • Mrs.Bieber

        No i agree.. i think this is Justin, just trying to be funny

    • rada

      Guys have a little faith in justin – he’s the prankster!

    • Belieber94

      I agree with you on some parts, but the person who stoled his laptop at one of his concerts in Washington about a week ago leaked a few clips from Beauty & a beat.

  • aeisha123

    stupid people leave justin alonenw u stupid asses f u

  • 2crazy4bieber

    You know it’s all fake right… NOTHING was stolen. Justin is using gexwy to release the Beauty and a Beat video.

    • est jb fan 1

      how do you know this ? i really want to know whats happeningg

      • jonelle

        this is not fake justin is really really upset about this if u were a true belieber you would know how he feels about this and this gexwy guy or she or it has stolen all of justin’s personal footage the stuff on that camera and laptop is really important to justin clearly this person is a HATER of justin bieber because justin has something they dodn’t or maybe this person is just stupid i know justin and i know that he is really upset right now trust me i was at the concert backstage when it all happened

    • Belieber94

      How do you know that how your saying it went that way? Maybe someone stoled his laptop/camera.. Idk

  • est jb fan 1

    wgats happening?

  • trent

    @taylor i think you are right because if it was real why he didin’t press charges? if this is there idea to marketing that video i take my hat of to him. it could be the biggest prank in the universe. i also take my hat off to fredo and justin’s managers for foolling not only his fans but the media as well if this is a prank.

  • javi

    cmon its a prank. the guy only have been shown crapy videos and the one in the pool looks like video shoot. im 100 % positive his pranking his fans and the stupid gossip media.

  • ivan

    Let us hope, this is merely a prank. If this is a blackmail attempt, it would be investigated by the FBI as a federal crime in which case they would be doing that right now.

    • javi

      i could be investigated but i haven’t heard that justin’s people or justin has press charges yet so i could be the biggest prank in the universe. and a new way of marketing a video.

    • jonelle

      i used to know this guy named ivan

    • jonelle

      i used to know this guy named ivan maybe its you wats urr last name

  • monique barends

    Someone tell me what’s really happening?

  • Miriam Gherasim

    That IDIOT! Your right justin! Your fans will never leave you! Your strong enough to face any obstacle and you’ll make it! I’ll always love you!!!

  • ivan

    My last name is Cardona from the bronx-I worked in a law office and love classical music, jazz, latin, and pop. I used to admire Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Modonna, and a few others. I have admired Justin since the teen choice awards 2012 where he blew me away with his charisma and moves on stage. He is really a very fine singer in acoustic settings. I have defended Justin in his u-tube videos-the only response was for me to kill myself-a brilliant response by the moronic haters.

  • jb4ever

    *if Gexwy’s a prank*
    Beliebers: “I’m a Belieber, and I’ just got punked!”

  • lovely

    how hard it is when that asshole post justins private footage on video’s on twitter ,he nows who’s his real beliebers and who’s does’nt , like a said too justin ,i will never let him go ,i will never leave him no matter what that asshole post of him on twitte

  • Monica

    Im ready for whatever footage comes BELIEEBR 4 ever

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    What do they want from u??? WHy would they do this 2 u!!! it dsnt matter wat they have. WE R BELIEBERS AND WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDEE <3333 This is what yr body guards and stuff r for. This guy will get put in jail 4 wat he's doing 2 u justin!!!! Dnt worry babee <333

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    guyss they will find him coz this idiot posted sh!t on twitter so they’l find him from that account and hopefully b4 2moz so justin dsnt get hurt :(

  • daleenleroux

    All the footage is gonna show is that, despite being famous, Justin is a normal human being doing normal human stuff. And we will always be #BELIEBERS!

    • Canadian Belieber

      i agree

  • Jess

    uh…i kinda want to see…i know i shouldn’tbut still


    Uh….I don’t think this is real u guys, justin and his crew are probably making all this up and tmr they will show the beauty and the beat video.

    But it’s kinda disappointing cuz i also want to see his “personal footage”

  • mOLLY

    Hopefully the cops get involved.

  • mOLLY

    Now that I look at it again, it’s totally Justin’s typing.. I bet it’s all a play out for the Beauty and a Beat video as well!

  • @Belieber

    Don’t Worry guys.! That @Gexwy Is Just Making our justin To Take Some Attention.! Tssk

  • MaliaBieber101

    It’s a prank!! The leaked video tommorow is going to be the Beauty & a beat music video…

  • Anida

    i think it’s only a prank for us

  • Arezoo

    This Is BAAB video HAHA

  • Caitlin

    This is just what I think. I think that ‘pool party’ is apart of the beauty and a beat music video which involves lots of people at a water park.
    I think at noon tomorrow they’re gonna surprise us and post the video to beauty and a beat. And that all along justin was pranking us.
    Firstly, Justin’s posted on FB and twitter ‘noon’
    If it was something bad for his career, he wouldn’t be doing that. And nicki tweeted that there’s something big coming tomorrow.

    If the person who’s posting this, had ‘shocking footage’ they would sell it for as much as they can. Not leak it.

    That’s just my personal opinion but I may be wrong :)

    • jonelle

      if this was just aprank then why does justin have cops and fbi and judges and the swat team after this gexwy person it not a prank justin is really upset about this trust me its not a prank like justin said”BELIEVE” him always


        uh no. he never did send out any cops after this gewxy guy