Video: Fans Get a Surprise Meeting with Justin Bieber! Just Dance 4

Beliebers get a surprise of their lives when trying out the brand new Just Dance 4 game!

Do you want to meet Justin Bieber too?
Just Dance is giving you the chance to win meet and greet tickets to select locations on Justin’s Believe Tour!

Enter the sweepstakes now: at

Good luck!

  1. i can,t bcs i don,t have twitter or facebook id best of luck fans i am the biggest fan of you justin plz i wanna meet you i love you i love you i love you ………………………………………………………………………… i wanna kiss you hug you ………………..and other woho i am the first one who comenet there love you justin

  2. I’d literally cry out my eyeballs offf! Ohhmygosh it would mean the world to me if I meet Justin! I love him sso effing much!

  3. I cryed while watching this cuz I’m sk jealous and sad that I’ll never get to meet him:( I can’t even afford tickets to his concerts or anything and Im in Canada:( although I’m happy for those girls:)

  4. “Justin Bieber hugged both my shirts!!!” YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LUCKY YOU ARE. And when Justin comes in going like, “Did anyone order a pizza? Oh…It`s half eaten…Oh uh….” Only Justin can say that cuter than possible. xD

  5. i favorited and retweeted this! justin is sooo sweet! i wanna hug him sooo bad! i honestly would rather hug him then kiss him, i just want him 2 hold me! and then id prob’ die right there in his arms. <3 like: (hes hugging me) ''my life is complete!'' and then i have a heart attack. #DieInHisArms<3

  6. They are all lucky I would love to get that king of surprise from Justin. I would be speechless and maybe cry a little. It is sweet how just takes time out of they day just to make us happy. I LOVE you Justin !!!!!!

  7. any one have facebook and twitter id i don,t have thatsso bad i want to cry aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa justin bieber plz do something for me plz i love you my baby

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