Videos: Justin Bieber Sold-out Concert at Target Center, Minneapolis (Oct 20)

Justin Bieber performing a sold-out concert at Target Center, Minneapolis Saturday (Oct 20). Opening act was “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Justin performing “Catching Feelings”

Justin Bieber talking to the crowd in Minneapolis about the MOA Mall of America

Justin performing “BEAUTY AND A BEAT”

Justin performing “FALL”

  • Eveline

    OMG! :O

  • cynthia

    prettty hot!

  • Angeline

    He’s sooooo HOT!

    • brianna bieber

      hes not hot he is fine.(: (;

      • Belieber94

        He’s not fine, he’s sexy

  • Angeline

    He’s sooooo HOT!

    • Jsha bieber

      Great it was like……an angel flying high. :-D

    • Jsha bieber

      Great it was like……an angel flying high.

    • emily

      Justin Bieber is so HOT anyone that say justin is gay, well he is not, people only say it because they are jealous.

      • Belieber94

        I agree

  • Alisha

    Omb! That was great. I like ‘fall’, its an amazing and sweet song. Luv ya jb. :)

  • Jazmyn loves Juz10



    oh yeah, he performed ma fav. song. ”FALL” awwwww, love u Justin 4ever.. ;)

    • Someone…. U DON’T HAVE TO KNOW WHO!

      hey guys, so i was thinking, and i had this great idea. everyday starting from tommorrow(monday)* let each one of you, here on JBZ, write a little pharagraph, about why, and how much you love JUSTIN BIEBER, and if/how much he has helped you.*

      @Jsha bieber
      @essie j
      @sastika belieber
      @Belieber 4 LIFEEEE
      NOTE: If i have left out anyone, please feel free to remind me. Even if you are not a regular user, but you are willing to join..
      P.S. You can also say what are your dreams, and your ambition(optional). THANK YOU ALL FOR READING THIS. AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY DOING IT. ANY QUESTIONS?

      • Jsha bieber

        Thanx!! I enjoyed it.

      • essie j

        thank you i like it :D

      • the real biebah

        @wispers0fmusic{note:the ‘o’ of 0 ‘0f’ is a zero.

      • Belieber94

        I am a regular user here, Please add me too the list. Thanks

      • Someone….YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW WHO!

        @Belieber94 Sure, if i could edit the comment, i would add you, but anyway, WELCOME! Hope you enjoy doing yours too :)

      • mrs.swaggiebieber

        U left me out. :D but that’s okay. You cant always name everyone. Btw that’s a great idea!!!

      • Belieber94

        Someone…. U DON’T HAVE TO KNOW WHO! … Hey, I wrote my paragragh about Justin Bieber. Please check it out below. This is a great way to get every Belieber too have there thoughts about how much they love Justin Bieber. Thanks for coming up with this idea (: It was briliant

  • essie j

    wow so amazing i really want to be in this concert :D he’s so swaggy ♥

    • Someone…. U DON’T HAVE TO KNOW WHO!

      @Jsha bieber, @ essie j , thank you both.

      • essie j

        welcome ;)

      • Jsha bieber

        Most welcome sweet heart.

    • Belieber94

      To bad you never will be loser

  • Allie Lang

    Best concert I’v ever been to!

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    he look hot

    • kalani

      yes he does.

  • natalie


  • MaliaBieber101

    WOW! :D he did GREAT! <3

  • Bieber forever

    He’s. Soooo hot!!! I. Was. There! Screamed so. Loud!

  • Bieber forever

    Best Concert ever!!!!! I love him!Hs so. Sexy!

  • Yuri with Baby

    Oct 21, 2012

    Bieber I Give Immense Beatific for YOU.
    Please Have a Goooooood ******* Beleive ****** Tours on Today Oct 21, in Milwaukee USA, Tooooooo.’s

    Mammy’s Minneapolis Was Together Great John MacCain’s USA President Race on Sep 2008.
    Mammy Has Had Stop Stomachache by Bieber’s Hoooooot Heart and Medicine.
    Bieber, Thank YOU Very Much.
    Love YOU Bieber Together Mammy’s Big Heart.

  • DeDe

    omg justin bieber i wish i was there he is an angle and he is up there <3


  • Belieber94

    Great concert

  • ivan

    He was supposed to have lost his fans, yet he is selling out stadiums all over and his fanbase is expanding by about 30,000 a day.
    Would love to see a dvd of this concert-hope someone brings it up with JD and his management.

    • Belieber94

      Why is he supposed to loose his fans? they stay with him forever, they will never leave him. I would never leave him no matter what… Yes, the news last year about Mariah Yeater almost made me not a fan anymore, but I got over that in a few months and Im still a go hard Belieber. I love him w/ all my heart. I’ve been a fan since about his song “Baby” came out.

      • Jbsnumber1fan

        No fans don’t stay forever. Beliebers do. And if u were a belieber u wouldn’t even think about leaving him for that Mariah yeater thing cuz true beliebers believe in Justin. They knew it was a lie and Justin wouldn’t do anything like that. No hate or anything I’m just saying whats true…

      • Belieber94

        Jbsnumber1fan, I am not in anyway trying to dis your comment.. but since that news was of last year.. I was not a Belieber.. I was just a fan. Back then, I never heard of that phrase.. now I do and I am a Belieber now. That news just pissed me off so much and I knew Justin would not do that.. but I got that strong feeling.. everywhere I seen her online, I was like “Oh my gosh, her again? I’m seriously getting sick and tired of her”. The news was so intense and kept it going for months. But gladly, I choose not to leave Justin.

  • justinbieberlover

    i love justin bieber and i will naver stop being a fun of justin bieber. i am a Belieber and allways be one.

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    OMG wish i was theree!!! Waiting 4 the day he releases tickets 4 Auz!!!!

    • Belieber94

      Why your never going to get them.

    • Belieber94

      @Belieber 4 Lifee…. somebody used my user name.. I would never say “Why your never going to get them” One thing.. I am not that kind of person.. I don’t post rude comment like the copier did..

  • sastika belieber

    ohh! i really missed that ol means i’d never be that lucky to see him in person bt still #never say never.love him n the way he talks so damn cute n sexy love u jbieb

    • kayla


  • kayla

    omg he is soooo hotttt i love him sooo much

    • Belieber94

      Omg your so annoyinggg

      • Belieber94

        Seriously, whoever Is using my user name..STOP! That’s rude and I would never say your’e annoying @Kayla.

  • Su^^@!@

    Justin is lukin awesome…<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Crowd is boring

    Your at a concert and he’s up there jumping around and dancing. And the crowd just stands there like OMG LETS GET A PICTURE. Enjoy the damn concert let go dance around god does nobody know how to just have fun anymore at a concert. To busy tweeting about how ur there that u missed out on everything.

    • Belieber94

      Most of the people jump up when there at his concerts

      • Crowd is boring

        Ill bet..looks more like all you know how to do is scream and stand there like boring sticks

      • Belieber94

        Yeah. But his original concerts with big crowds are usually motivative. It’s weird that people just stand there

  • ivan

    I hope there will be a dvd of this concert Perhaps someone can tweet Justin or his manager about it since I always have trouble with my password to facebook. This concert is fabulous.

  • carly fox

    he so hot :)

  • maddy♥

    I was there! ♥

  • Jessica Bieber

    One of my best friends went to this concert and he said it was amazing! :) I’m so jelly! haha I love Justin! :3 <3333333

  • Belieber94

    @Someone…u don’t have to know who, I am writing my all about Justin Bieber paragragh (: I love Justin Bieber because he’s inspirational and he always told us Belieber’s to Never say Never. You should always chase your dreams just like he did since day one. He has helped me in many ways.. to become stronger, to never give up and many others things. I love him so much xox. He’s hard-working, proud Canadian, funny.. anything else a fan could come up with. He’s an amazing person with a thoughtful heart for his fans. I’ve been a Belieber since February 2011 and I will always be one forever NO matter what happens. Again.. I love him so much xox…. He’s the best ;)

  • maddie bieber

    i love u and u are really hot