Zayn Malik: Justin Bieber should Hangout with People his Own Age

1D’s Zayn Malik talked about Justin Bieber and their nights in. Check out what advice he has for the Biebs:

“Justin called me yesterday actually – he’s really cool. I wouldn’t say I know him on a best friend level, but he’s got lots of advice. Me and Niall were saying that it must be cool for him to chill with him people his own age, because a lot of people around him are older.”

Zayn also revealed lots of Justin secrets, including what he eats and what’s in his house. It’s like we’re actually there! Zayn reveals that, back in September, he went to the actual house where Justin lives in LA.

“We went over to Justins after the MTV VMAs and we just chilled out, and we were hungry and decided to cook noodles. He has a half pipe in the back garden and I thought it would be clever to go on it and I fell over and hurt my ankle. It was annoying he was so good on it.

“The house is just wow, the garden’s amazing, there’s a little hill thing and you’re on the edge of a cliff and you can see mountains. His TV is bigger than 60 inches.

“He has a really nice kitchen.”


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