Austin and Uncle Justin Bieber!

“Austin and Uncle Justin finally get to meet. @justinbieber is a natural w/ babies. #badboys4life #babyaustin” -@hoogs

  1. I rather see these posts that the Jelena ones. They make me so confused and I don’t even wanna read them. These posts, they show how sweet he is. How good he is with young kids. I like seeing that, it puts a smile on my face. :)

      • same here!!! wow, i just noticed everyone is say “same here!!!” Austin and (Uncle) Justin you look so cute together. somtimes i do not like reading Jelena ones either because it does not raelly 100% make me happy, but this one does!!! U 2 r the fabuloisous and my new first besties and biffel… i love u guys!!!

      • i do too that is so cute i love u justin really much u too selena your still every ones star in my world love guys

    • You are totally right belieber now or never. This is Justin bieber fansite, so they should post adorable stuff like this. Btw what a cuuuute baby. :) save the jelena posts for a jelena fansite. Sorry if I offend selenators, but I love Justin definitely not selena

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