1. Aww! U don’t have to be sad justin, u deserve a better girl in your life. i think she was not serious in their relationship. As i had said they were not made for each other. Luv ya justin, i will always be there for u. <3

  2. justin bieber dont be sad cuz selena gomez not serious in relationship and she is wasting ur money or nothing she will have such a loser boyfriend in future….and u have preety girlfriend………..promise

  3. Justin you are a christian boy.you understands what really life is.you already know and understand how hardship and you been through all your struggles.never give up keep going.for you will harvest what you’ll reap now.remember your sadness is only for a short time but your happiness in the future will last forever.she is not the only good girl for you.you will find one out of the best that her love for you will link and last forever.trust in the Lord and he will show you the real one for you.God knows your need and he will lift you up.pray that the Lord will comfort you in times of your sadness. You will always remembered in my prayers.for God always provide for those he loves.abide in him and he will abide in you.GOD LOVES YOU AND BLESS YOU THROUGH!

  4. hay you ‘ stupid justin ‘ shout up don’t talk about justin like that , and if you hate justin that is you opinion not my so don’t try change are feeling about justin

  5. I’m to hear that you guys break up but her lost to loss you , you treated her like a princess Any girl would die for that and die for you probably xx

  6. justin is playboy..playgirl and playgay..that why selena should leave him..selena should find the real man but not type like justin idiots..

  7. ” Olivia Bieber Awwwww poor Justin don’t cry you deserve much better than Selena anyway she was stupid to leave you Soooo Truuue <3

  8. ” Olivia Bieber Awwwww poor Justin don’t cry you deserve much better than Selena anyway she was stupid to leave you Soooo Truuue <3

  9. We are here for you, justin. Stay Strong. i’m not gonna insult selena because i don’t know her you guys don’t even know the reason they broke up so don’t hate on any of them. But i understand u guys of course we stand up for our family, family is always first priority. Beliebers and justin are a family, and if some one hurt him we all could kill their ass.

  10. Justin and selena was the perfect couple in the world , I think everyone makes mistakes sometimes and repent afterwards , they were so cute together ! I love U justin so much and I know you can get her back , just fight for her , all Beliebers are happy when you are happy , I love U and a Believe in you <3 / I'm from Sweden so my english is not so god :)

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