Custom Ferrari Cake with working lights for Justin Bieber

Custom ferrari cake by BCakeNY.

Custom Ferrari Cake with working lights for Justin Bieber

  1. That’s too awesome! Well, awesome boy, awesome cake. They work together perfectly. :) Arguing with a hater right now. Don’t know who she’s messing with! >:(

  2. Mmmmm Justin Bieber sure deserves that yummy cake :p I’m guessing that it’s chocolate ;) he looked hot, sexy, and cute.that cake should be just for him he has gone through alot of stress, especially after breaking up with unappreciative tramp slutlena homez

  3. ya justin u r looking soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and awesome love u so ……………………….. much love u and that cake is soo ………………………………. tasty omb i want that cake only one piece justin plz love u justin

  4. #Wahhhhh ..??

    how awesome is that??? a cake wit real lights???

    hope its as delicious as it luks.. ;) ;) lmao
    yes. yes. yes. the cake AND jb.. <3 ;) :) ;) :)


  5. justin bieber

    hi justin this tonykersanty i wish you came to visit me today can please bring me chilin cd of your music i want to spoil my best friend justin and i like your ferrir cake they did a great job onto it 3900 mnt pinos way frazier park ca 93225 93225 i am hoping we can hangout with you justin bieber for two week i would like that justin 661 333-3805

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