Don’t Think, Just VOTE for BIEBER!

Beliebers, we’re running out of time!
VOTE now!

Voting is open through November 9th.
The 2012 EMA Awards air LIVE on November 11th, on MTV!

  • Bieberfan234

    I want him to win cuz he’s cute….. I luv u Justin
    I’m a Belieber :)

    • Mrs.maloka beiber

      Ooooo please beiber fan 234 his not interested in u his interested in me
      Well I am the beauty queen in UAE and the univers
      I am more pourfell than u
      Besides I was his one less lonely girl at NY he gives every one of his girls a flower and he mows his super gold fan are u one no hahahahahahah.
      Don’t bother to reply……… Bye guys
      Ps I’m not talking to u guys I am talking to biberfan234.

      • Autumn Swaggie


  • essie j

    justin will win :D we are all voting

    • Jsha bieber

      Right essie.

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Why would you need to think about voting for him? To me, it’s easy to just do it! It’s a no-brainer who should win, so vote! Justin works very hard for his awards, so let’s show him that we appreciate it!

    • Mrs.maloka beiber

      Justin will win ofcours he every time when

      • Autumn Swaggie

        LEARN GRAMMER !!!!!!!!!!!

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Ummm… looks like you need to learn GRAMMAR.

  • Hmmm

    I’m not going to vote blindly on who should win. I will do research and then pick who I believe deserves it.

    • oxBelieberxo

      But are you gonna vote for Bieber?

  • Amber Simmons

    Justin i voted for you babe i want u too win i love u

  • Jbsnumber1fan

    PLEASEEE vote beliebers!!!!!!! Justin wants this and he DESERVES this. So get off ur lazy ass and vote!! He can’t lost to 1D! I dont know of its just me, but when 1d are also nominated Justin seems to want the award more so

  • Alisha

    I vote for my justin like everyday. He will deffo win, luv u jb!

    • laura streets

      lol he is soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy and fit i JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    hey beliebers don’t forget to vote for biggest fans !!!! we deserve this award !!!!!!! BİGGEST FANS # BELİEBERS # VOTE #

    • laura streets



    voted 4 ma JUSTIN, coz he deserves it.. ;D<3

  • Heidi

    THE moment i get my phone today i am gonna vote non-stop!!! I swear

  • lovely

    i vote every day on all the catogorie he’s nominated for ,,sucks that i ‘ve to wait till the next day wen i allowed all my votes for thatr day ,wish i couls stay voting like i did by the VMA’ s always on tweetlimit on twitter

  • Original justin bieber

    Vote beliebers for me on mtv ema love you guys!:)

    • don’t hate on jb!!!!

      I love u 2 justin!!!!!!!! Ur the best person like…EVER!!!!!!

  • Malin

    I don`t have the chanal “MTV”, Where can I see it then?

  • Original justin bieber

    In computer look in google write mtv ema and vote:p:)

  • Romanian.Belieber

    You can vote second after second !!!! Voteeee him !!!!


    WOW voted 4 ma JUSTIN……LOVE U JB BABY

  • Original justin bieber

    I Love You Too My Girl :)

  • minaminobrown

    i love you are my star so i’ll vote ‘ you looooooooooove you

  • Belieber

    I go to the EMAS im so excited :**

  • Heidi

    Hey the voting is over now right? Yea, but i cant watch the live performance!!!! Please guys gimme the channel!!

  • Original justin bieber

    Tomorrow Its Mtv Ema Who Vote For Me:D

    • IsraaAproudbelieber

      You’re not Justin.

  • Original justin bieber

    Its Rita Ora Me Carly raen Rihanna Etc Etc :D

  • justin bieber

    I have to go ok I will talk to on friday on 12/7/12

  • madark misa

    i love justin bieber and selena gomaz