Don’t Think, Just VOTE for BIEBER!

Beliebers, we’re running out of time!
VOTE now!

Voting is open through November 9th.
The 2012 EMA Awards air LIVE on November 11th, on MTV!

    • Ooooo please beiber fan 234 his not interested in u his interested in me
      Well I am the beauty queen in UAE and the univers
      I am more pourfell than u
      Besides I was his one less lonely girl at NY he gives every one of his girls a flower and he mows his super gold fan are u one no hahahahahahah.
      Don’t bother to reply……… Bye guys
      Ps I’m not talking to u guys I am talking to biberfan234.

  1. Why would you need to think about voting for him? To me, it’s easy to just do it! It’s a no-brainer who should win, so vote! Justin works very hard for his awards, so let’s show him that we appreciate it!

  2. PLEASEEE vote beliebers!!!!!!! Justin wants this and he DESERVES this. So get off ur lazy ass and vote!! He can’t lost to 1D! I dont know of its just me, but when 1d are also nominated Justin seems to want the award more so

  3. hey beliebers don’t forget to vote for biggest fans !!!! we deserve this award !!!!!!! BİGGEST FANS # BELİEBERS # VOTE #

  4. i vote every day on all the catogorie he’s nominated for ,,sucks that i ‘ve to wait till the next day wen i allowed all my votes for thatr day ,wish i couls stay voting like i did by the VMA’ s always on tweetlimit on twitter

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