1. Aww… that’s so cute and sweet. And now I get the accomplishment of having the first comment… but sweet pic. Justin’s such a good person.

    • The girl is my daughter and it’s not Philadelphia on 11/5. It’s Louisville KY on Nov 2 – it was her Birthday! Google has the wrong city listed.

  2. OMG you that is on of the main reasons I love you Justin you try to make time for every Blieber!!! Love you so much.
    Follow me on twitter @mrsbieber4050 please i have bin trying to get you to follow me since i was ten iv bin trying to get you to follow me for 8 years 2 weeks ago. Appreciate and love so much>

    • i wish he “made time for every belieber”, this girls mom just spent over $500 for this to happen. Money buys justin kisses. :/

  3. Adorable. Hes such a great person :) . Sigh … I never had a first kiss . :( anyway that’s cute. That girl is so lucky.. # lucky

  4. hey justin bieber this is Kristen Amber Simpson you are so lucky justin tht is so cute and justin bieber may i have first kiss from u i would love u if u could come here and would ucall me &txt me u are my frist kiss here is my cellphone number is 8645389532

  5. i want to say that ,that girl is soooooo lucky to have a first kiss from justin
    i wish i had a first kiss from him
    ,love to JB 4 ever

  6. I wanna get that too!!! happy for the little lady!~ oww!! justin u’re the best of ol!! I LOVE U u’re so kind n selfless love u!!!

  7. hey justin i also want that kiss uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want it to plz give me plz i love u justin my babe

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