1. O.M.G !!! I can’t breathe right now ………….he is super SEXY super SWAG !!!!!***DEAD*** !!!! LOVE U JUSTİN sosososososo much !!!!! <3 <3

      • First off this isn’t Jersey shore, so don’t use bro on me.
        2nd, be original, was take notes original to you or did you happen to steal it from another post. So if your going to tell someone to be original I think you want to take a look at your dumb broad self.
        Bye bitch

      • Jersey Shore. Lmao. You are so f*cking ignorant that I don’t know weather o not to pity you or laugh. Therefore I shall do both. First, I said that because I was mocking you because you were were being such an ill-minded dumb f*ck.

      • I agree with you @JaylaBieber. She needs to know how to get a life. All she knows what to do Is send hateful messages about Justin. I’m getting sick and tired of it. This is supposed to be a fansite with only Beliebers, not haters. So, it your a hater.. you are not welcomed here.. go somewhere else

  2. Damn baby.
    I saw him november 21st and he had this camera and put it by his stomach and slowly lifted his shirt to show his abs and they were on the big screen behind him omfg, what could be better?!

    • They supposenly got back togather a few days ago. Selena was talking to her best friend Taylor Swift about it and Taylor gave her advice that they should try to work things out..so selena agreed and then a day after there chat, selena and justin were spotted at the AMa after party Sunday holding hands and having a good time. Jelena4evr<3

  3. When i saw that picture of justin i was like Omg sexy SeXy SEXY!!!!!! Justin you are killing me with your sexyness. Wow i hope justin keeps takeing more picture when he is at the gym and Justin have nice abbs :D
    Love you Justin <3

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