It’s Not Over: Justin Bieber Not Giving Up on Selena!

It’s NOT over between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez … sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Two Things.

Thing 1: Justin is not involved with anyone else (aka cheating). There are pics of Justin with a Victoria’s Secret model circulating, but there’s nothing there.

Thing 2: Justin would like to get back with Selena, and thinks it can happen. … they’ve broken up a bunch of times before and this is just another blip.

Justin thinks there’s a good chance they’ll make up.

  • belieber forever

    hey what is happening there anyways i am the first plz justin come to meet me plz plz love u by

    • the real biebah

      why is he following her???!!!!. doesn’t he see the way how she is being mean to him?!.
      1-she is posing with gregg very cozy pics and posted a pic of her anf gregg on twitter!
      2-her co-stars are dissing him on twitter!
      3-she is trying to convince ppl that he cheated on her!
      4-she is very happy with her life already and justin is heart broken!
      5-she snubbed him in a thank u tweet(didn’t mention him)
      LOOK!!! if they got back together …then she must be as kind as is to her!
      dont get me wrong I dont want him to look like nuthin without her thats all because I know that he is a very kind guy!
      ppl he deseves better treatment!!!

      • {MJ & JB FAN}

        agreed! I think that he should focus on his career and a golden hearted guy like him will find a better love sumday!

      • thelovestorieswriter

        if he loves her, it’s not strange that he wants her back. if you love someone, you don’t care what they do or have done!! you just wanna be with that person, no matter what anyone else thinks!!

      • Nikki

        Well did you see the Victoria Secret fashion show and the way Justin was acting around them? Apparently not because his friend (not Alfredo) posted a pic of Justin and the model together. And that model who took a pic with Justin doesn’t like Selena. Just because Justin is famous he still has to show respect. How would u feel if ur boyfriend got cozy with other girls while u two are still dating? He even went to see ‘The Lion King’ with the model. I want them back together :) and don’t u think Selena is crying because of all the troubles he caused her??????

      • Ashley

        I agree. But Justin’s heart is broken and he really loves her. I support him if he gets back with Selena or not. He loves her.

      • pikachu

        1. she’s always cozy with everybody coz i feel she’s just that kind of person
        2. no names were used in their tweets and maybe he really treated her bad.
        3. maybe he did, you can’t know for sure that he didn’t.
        4. how do you even can say that? YOU DON’T KNOW THAT.
        5. I don’t remember any awards show when Justin won and thanked Selena

      • pikachu

        how can you even say that?*

      • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

        omg agreeddd i hate her soo muchh feel bad 4 justin :(

      • Gaby :)

        1. She is very friends with ALL her co-stars
        2. Her co-stars love her and were trying to make her feel better like you Beliebers who were also trying to make Justin feel better by sending Selena and her friends hate!
        3. She isn’t trying to convince people the he cheated on her when everybody thought the same thing when they saw a photo of him and the model. And him and Selena weren’t official over.
        4. She isn’t happy she is heart broken same as Justin, they BOTH love each other.
        5. She doesn’t need to thank him when he doesn’t. They BOTH accomplished there own things with no help with one another.
        6. Some of you beliebers should be happy seen your IDOL heart broken, because some of you guys were even celebrating that he was single. That’s pathetic! Just think, he is heart broken, because he love her. Have you guys even asked this question, “How do you think he feels when he sees ALL the hate his belebers were sending her when they started dating and when the split up, huh?” That’s right if he does love her imagine how he is feeling…. MORE heart broken!! You guys really need to RESPECT his relationship, it doesn’t matter who he dates or if you guys like her or not, you just need to RESPECT his girlfriend.

      • I Will Love Justin Bieber Forever♥

        @Gaby:) You are the smartest person who commented so far. If your happy that Jelena broke up your saying that you like having your idol heart broken.

      • BeliebersForever

        I agree, Justin treats her like a princess and this is what he gets in return. I think he is one of the sweetest guy ever and I’m disappointed that he wants her back after this. He deserves better a girl that loves him, I know he is a gr8 BF because he’s humble and knows how to treat a girl.

      • the real biebah

        1- she cozes with her guy stars alottt!!! and when justin and selena take a pic with a fan they stand normally but when a girl took a photo with selena and gregg she was cuddling with him and it was obvious.

        2-“some”beliebers are kids*really kids like 10,12,13,14,15,16.but her cast are mostly ppl who are mature*really mature specially her dad in wizards* and it shows they r nuthin but immature!
        3- if ppl already doubted that he was cheating on her…then did she want them to make sure its true??????????!!!!!!
        4-fine…cuz I dont know maybe their are tears behind her smiles!*but what I feel is the above cuz justin looks more heart broken specially on that radio interview!
        5-this was not an award…he really supported her!!! and in frount of every ones eyes!!!but nooooo! she thanked rayn sercets over JUSTIN!!!(that was mean and very obvious!!
        this goes to the selenatore who replyed in a different way!

      • jessica

        No he’s my man !!!

      • Belieber

        I know but he’s so brain washed and a good haerted guy that he would do anything for her but she’s just acting like a BITCH and he deserves better millions of girls would treat him wayyyyyy better

      • belieber

        Cares hohoewho

      • Bieber Gymnast

        I agree with Belieber he deserves better and Selena uses him and once she gets what she wants, she starts acting like a bitch. Whatever. That slut will find another man.

      • Mahnoor

        100% agreed

  • belieber forever

    plz justin can u meet me my yahoo id is plz add me and send me request plz plz love u justin

    • Dutch Belieber

      FAIL, this is just a fansite .. Not Justin ..


        I’m just really really really sad, i just don’t like to see him so sad, i love when they were together, and they were both so happy,i hope they can discuss their problem, and work things out, i miss JELENA>3
        i love you justin, an i just want you to know i’m always here for you>3

      • david b conway

        hi my name is david conway , i know that your pepole here just do,nt what me here so much thses day,s on this web site and i do,nt blame you at all , i just what to say about selena gomez , my self is that , she does,nt have no fath in her self and by having justin bieber just to have a boy friend , come on selena gomez , she is the one that choice to move on , and she said so much about i do,nt love him and not to be married to justin bieber , what i a big joke to selena gomez , , love david conway

    • Natalie

      this is Justin… if you want to get his attention try twitter…. but not here :)

  • jessie

    i think they’re gonna get back together.

    • narmadha

      yep me too.


        hope so too>3

    • fabieber

      yep i think so too they were meant for eachother

    • thelovestorieswriter

      I hope they get back together!! They’re perfect for each other!! They’ve gotten back together before, so why not now??

    • Jsha bieber

      Guys don’t believe at any news of TMZ.

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Thank you!!! I hate TMZ, they’re a bunch of freaks and liars…

    • oxBelieberxo

      I hope so.. they were a great couple. Hate to hear that they broke up :( I don’t want Justin to be sad.

  • christina bieber

    hey justin biggest fan ever plz come 2 cyprus there are million fans over here……..i love u bieber u are so hot i love u music,u lyrics u style….and expeselly u hair OMG there so hot and u are so sexy hope u get back with selena i know that u and her are getting back togeuther i bet she still loves u she will give u a chance i can feel it love u and if u read this follow back xxxxxxxxxxx <3

    • Natalie

      this isn’t justin! this is a fan site…

      • Kameryn

        come to my house i love jb

  • caitlin

    I hope one day they will get back together

  • Payal

    i think,they will get back together again,,it’s not so easy to end a long relationship as their’s

  • ivan

    We will know at awards show since they will be there.Ythis soap opera has to end before Believers[I love Justin like a brother] go after each other with guns, knives, tanks, nuclear bombs and with have to call obama to settle it-lol. seriously, I would love a happy ending to this sad story.

  • thelovestorieswriter

    I think they’ll get back together!! They’ve been together for 2 years!! They’ve overcome so much together!! You don’t just throw that away!! And I think Justin will fight for her until he gets her back. He has gotten everything he has now by fighting for it, so why not Selena??

  • Praying Mom

    this post makes me soooooooooo HAPPY !!! praying they stay together forever !!!!

    • Jsha bieber

      1 more fake news from TMZ. Lol

  • LENA

    and i was l like baby baby baby oooohhhhh like baby baby baby nooooooooo like baby baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhthought u always be mine mine

  • JaylaBieber

    Well, damn. I wanted to see him start singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together but whatever.

    • Natalie


    • khloe99

      Make that DOUBLE LMAFAO!!!

      • Bieberfever


    • daughterofLordRauhl

      Damn, I was just thinking the same damn thing! I love that song and Taylor. :)

  • Semi belieber

    Happy again;-)

  • CharlinexoxoJB

    uh huh so justin wants to be with selena, but what if selena dosen’t want to be with him huh? It takes 2 pepole to make a reallationship work, but it only can take 1 person to break it all, and think about it wasent selena the one who broke up with justin? Well I gusse we just have to wait till tonigth at the AMA’s :)

  • honey

    The funny thing about this thing is that they both get jealous easily, so I think it was nothing serious at first then Selena got tired of the games and broke up with him for real this time. But we all know Justin goes after what he wants because he’s never one to give up love so easily.

    • Marley

      True. But he also has to realize girls do NOT play games after they know they had trouble with that same person before. After the tour, Justin should just go back home and take a very LONG break. That’s just my two cents.

  • justinbeibierhater

    justin biebier is a fake and he is gay, DU!!!!!! >:(

    • BieberForever

      Your’e mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

    • JaylaBieber

      Asshole much?

    • Jsha bieber

      Go n Fuc*k ur self if u can’t shut ur mouth.

      • justinbeibierhater

        sorry, can’t :-D

    • oxBelieberxo

      Shut up!

    • K.Bieber

      why the F*ck aree you on this website, get a life looser

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      Thanks. Now go to a damn hater site and leave us alone, jack-ass.


    i am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    YAY! I WANT THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess Bieb

    No i don’tthink they will get back together. If it was their first time breaking up then MAYBE. But this is like their what? 5th time? so i don’t think so. And justin didn’t say that “he’s not giving up”. so yeah don’t get your hopes up. and Plus what’s the big deal? he’s 18, it’s not like he’s gonna date just one girl for the rest of his life.

  • Kidrauhl

    guys,he REALLY LOVES Selena


    Where Did You Get This? Because He Doesnt Know Whats Even Going On He Hasn’t Commented On Anything And Him And Selenas Seats For The EMA’s Got Changed There Not Sitting Next To Eachother.

  • Mckenzsie


  • honey

    Ok guys not to sound mean, but don’t be so naive about them getting back together. My brother dated this girl since his junior year of high school, he broke up with her last year he’s 25, so don’t think just because they we’re together for 2 years means they still will get back together. That’s just like married people they can be married for 30 years and the marriage just ends like that, plus this is a Hollywood relationship how many of those actually survive, not many. Plz try to be realistic and not naive to reality. Just my opinion no hate.

    • Marley

      Reps to you ^_^

  • lauren

    u need to get bk with selena she is beautiful and u are good looking u need too not give up and get bk wid SELENA NOONE ELSE JUST SELENA xxxx

  • lauren

    how do we noe wen he types bk

  • Bieber

    I hope they get back together & im sick and tired of all this beliebers vs. selenators on twitter, like shut the hell up. you dont know what happened give them some privacy.

  • essie j

    really guys since when TMZ news is true o.O they Are Never Ever Getting Back Together ;)

  • Belieber 4 life

    I hope justin gets back with selena

    • Laylove123

      If they do they do if not I whish him luck

      • K.Bieber

        me to Selena isn’t the only girl Justin will like

  • Melanie Bieber

    Justin and Barbara together was just stupid. I don’t know why people would even think that.
    But the break up part is pretty realistic to believe.

    • JaylaBieber

      He can’t hang out with anyone without someone accusing them of dating or something. I remember when most Beliebers thought he was dating Kim K. and she’s like 30 something.

      • M.M

        Ya I remember that that was werid

  • Jelena

    Why are you guys complaining, i love justin and selena so much . Eiether they broke up for a certain reason or because they had to . Let them be . Selena could hug and take a nice picture with Gregg but it doesn’t mean she’s cheating. That goes for Justin, he takes pictures with many girls does that means that he cheats . They are getting back together and stop blaming selena for this, she did not get jealous. There are differnt rumors running around. Focus on justin for a moment and let him do what he has to do best . If he gets back with Sel its ok . I respect jelena as much as the other person but you guys have to make a big deal . To much hate goes towards her and she feels it .

  • Laylove123

    Hey foucas on your music and what ya love to do before slena came around do u .Justin live your life while you got it get as much time whith your family cuz family first than figuar out what you whant to do cyz in the end only u can make that chioce. Good luck cyz u will be hearing allot of me remmemder we all r hear for u

  • MaliaBieber101

    Damn!! I just wish Justin himself would tell everybody what’s happening between them!!

    • JaylaBieber

      Apparently, he doesn’t know what’s going on either. :/

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Let the records show that, Selena Gomez is a mystery.

      • khloe99

        *Spooky mystery music plays*

    • retarted fangirls

      You need to take your BS somewhere else h*e

    • K.Bieber

      i know idk whats going on are they together or not?!?!? W.T.F. im soo confused….