Justin and the Cheerleaders Backstage at the Grey Cup in Toronto, CANADA

Justin Bieber and cheerleaders backstage during the halftime show at the CFL’s 100th Grey Cup Championship at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, last night. (25 nov).

  • Jbsnumber1fan

    First!! And he’s so amazing! Can’t wait to see him next Saturday at the Rogers center

    • Mrs.Bieber

      I’m meeting him at the Rogers Center. I’m coser to stage than you probablyLOL!

  • jb


  • JB+JB=

    First he is so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second he doesn’t look happy AT ALL i really hope him and Selena will get back together JELENA ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Belieber for life

      They have.

    • Big Fan, Huge

      He is just being causious after his last mess with Victoria Secret Models, he does not want to screw stuff up again with Selena. Good boy Just you can look but not touch!

      • BeliebersForever

        @Big Fan, Huge I think u r right.


        LOL! U can look at their bodies but u cant touch!!!! BAHAHAH he can now, selena and him aren’t together anymore.

  • retarted fangirls

    Those are some skimpy outfits

    • oxBelieberxo

      -_- Leave! now! No more hate towards Justin, I’m serious! I’m gettin’ sick and tired of it all. How bout you just go to a haters website and write crap.

      • BeliebersForever

        @oxBelieberxo I agree with u 100%. I don’t like how people like retarted fangirls write mean things on this fan site.Why do people go on a Justin Bieber fan site if they don’t like Justin or beliebers.I am sick of people writing only about 1D 2.I have nothing against 1D,but some people on these posts write things only about 1D that has nothing 2 do with anything and there is a 1D fan site.

      • oxBelieberxo

        @BeliebersForever.. Exactly. Haters that come on here just try to make us Beliebers pissed off by posting rude things about Justin because they know how much we love him. It also makes me sad bcz It’s almost like saying something mean on twitter to Justin and him seeing it, It’s gonna make him feel bad. Same with us.

      • retarted fangirls

        Not Justin, the cheerleaders :)

      • lolol

        calm down hunny they aren’t making fun of justin (:

      • oxBelieberxo

        @etarted fangirls, Sorry, alright. When I first saw your comment I thaught you were meaning Justin, not the cheerleaders. My bad, shouldn’t of yelled at you.. Sorry.

    • 1d+jb forever

      this is really hard 4me too say but,I AGREE W/ U @retarded fangirls

    • JaylaBieber

      Skimpy outfits? They’re cheerleaders dumbass. They have to wear them!

  • Beliebeforlife

    The cheerleaders are enjoying him but he kinda does look sad

    • trent

      he dosen’t look sad he’s looking at the girl’s cleavage lol


        please gimme a break, he is not.

      • BeliebersForever

        @trent I disagree I think he is tired

      • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

        I agree with Trent Justin bieber is an eighteen year old boy, and what would an eighteen year old boy do? Look at the hot girls big cleavage!


    keepin his distance – good boy justin! selly will be proud!


      @MOLLYZZZ, lol yea same thing i realized……….. love uuuuuu justin.

    • BeliebersForever

      @MOLLYZZZ I am also proud of Justin.I hope Sel and Justin will be together again.

  • oxBelieberxo

    Love you Justin!

  • khloe99

    Man he must feel akward

  • khloe99

    Man he must feel awkward

  • khloe99


  • Justin bieber

    I agree with Trent I mean I am a 18 year old boy with hormones of course I would look at a hot girls had cleavage what 18 year old oh wouldn’t

    • oxBelieberxo

      You’re not the real Justin bieber. If you are, prove it

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      No one believes you. Any moron can put Justin Bieber as their username. Don’t think that we’re going to be so stupid.

  • ivan

    they are probably girlfriends to haters and rather be with him-lol

  • Emily

    He is so sexyyyyyyyyy

  • Jsha bieber

    So Hotttt!

  • Cityy

    can i just have yo’ babies!!

  • Mrs.Bieber

    those girls look llike beliebers to


    i love ma Baby, he’s soo adorable.. :D

  • justin bieber’s #1girl

    he is a cutie i can’t believe that he has the perfect eyes for flirting i hope he find a girl who is hot and sexy and has good personality don’t want him to be sad


  • Proud Canadian Girl

    I’m MUCH older than the average Belieber but I adore him and am ashamed of how he was treated in Toronto at the Grey Cup. You girls just keep on loving him – the world needs more role models like Justin!

  • kidrauhlhearts

    He looks kind of uncomfortable, I think he’s worried that the whole Jarbara thing will happen again…

  • JaylaBieber

    In the first picture, his eyes aren’t even on her face. Lmao.

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    cuty pie my cuty pie justin love u justin looking awesome and hoty

  • Alisha

    Wow! He is looking too good in the pics. Sooo sexy, luv u jb.

  • essie j

    he looks hot :D

    • Lokani

      He looks adorable and very cute when he’s with the cheerleaders., Justin is very sweet to them.,

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Justin is so hot. He is a cutie love you Justin :)

  • lea milos-bieber

    I love my baby he is soooo hot!!!