Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunited – Four Seasons Hotel!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez could already be back together.

TMZ reported that Justin had a driver take him to the airport on Wednesday night to pick up Selena. The two then headed back to her place, where they spent the night.

The next morning, they moved to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills … but entered the building at separate times, presumably so no one would snap a shot of them together.

News that JELENA had broken up hit the web last week, upsetting fans everywhere. No details of the breakup have been revealed from either side, leaving fans to wonder if a reconciliation is in the works.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • essie j

    i’m really tired of “jelena” stories someone needs to explain to us what’s happening O.o after all we’re his beliebers and we care about what’s going on in his life and TMZ is all about rumors ;)

    • Jazmyn

      yup,u r right,even,evryone are should b shocked by ths news,is it a true story or rumors again?

      • Alisha

        Idk! But I can not see her face. I think thats not selena.

      • jb4ever

        it is her look at her shoes

    • Ricki B

      WORD!!!!! I honestly think she is taking Justin’s heart and ripping it into a million pieces and has no intention of fixing it what’s or ever. This joust so stressful and annoying and confusing. I just want to know if they are broken up or not like is it really that hard to say whether you are broken up or not? But I’m not saying to put your business out there right away like if you are trying to get to the bottom of your own relationship then you should be a little more careful of when you got to your ex-girlfriends hotel room to “fix things” I also don’t appreciate the fact that all of those people who I followed justin just because him and Selena are supposedly broken up ARE FREAKIN HYPODRITES!!!!! LIKE YOU WERE ONCE HOOD FRIENDS WITH HIM AND NOW YOU ARE TAKING HIS GIRLFRIENDS SIDE?!?! LIKE NO!!!!! CUT THAT OUT ITS NOT CUTE AND ITS NOT A GAME!!!

      • Ricki B

        unfollowed* good*

        See what happened when you are pissed and type REALLY fast

    • veta williams

      Hey guys they dont have to explain their personal lives to anyone. If you are a fan be a fan of the music and let them live their lives however they want. The media is the one causing drama until Justin and Selena tell you that it is over believe nothing of the sort. Their reps did not issue a satement and all justin said is i don’t know what going on in my life, Selena just simply said “………” . All i want to know is who are the sources giving the media all sorts of stories.

      • Ricki B

        All I’m saying is we care alot about just do we not can’t we be fans of him AND his happiness. I can’t be the only one who want to see Justin happy am I? I also understand that they don’t have to explain their personal but hopefully when they are ready they would

    • khloe99

      Jelena is seriously getting on my nerves I don’t know what to believe anymore Oh and I agree with you essie j

  • Jazmyn

    really,bt,i cant belief ths,anywy,watever it is also,i hope,at least,jb will think twice nop,if can more than that n of course wisely,n take decision 2 continue his relationship or looks for a NEW GIRLFRIEND,i gues,he should find a new 1 whom seriously deserve for hm n of couz understnd him,be with him n support him al the time…I LOVE U,JB….

    • Jsha bieber

      I agree.

  • cassini tan

    wow?! wth I don’t understand them are they back or not?

    • Jazmyn

      exactly,r the news are all juz to make us go stupid..plz,wat is going on?

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    I hope they get back together!!! Love ya Jelena!!! <3

  • HeyThere!

    This is so confusing! I thought she was blocking him? Well guess not… he should just let her go..he doesn’t deserve her! But if that makes him happy.. :)

    • Jsha bieber

      Yaa, slutena don’t deservers him.

      • asian

        Excuse me, don’t call her a slut. If you don’t like her, enuff sed. You probably ugly that’s why you caling her a slut. Faka!!

    • mrs.swaggiebieber

      Yeah ur totally right. Man, I’m so confused!!! Justin, baby, you don’t need her. You need someone who ACTUALLY LOVES YOU!! like seriously… she blocked you from her freaking life and phone. Please, honey, for gods sake find the right girl. I just want to keep you happy. That’s all I need. Cause I love you with all my heart.

  • lovely

    i’ll be so happy wen this is true ;)

  • Isnadia beliebergirl


    • kahani

      yes, there back together. i love seeing them together, i love his car. his car is totally hot. justin has that swag about him. justin and selena are the most adorable couple ever. justin is so cute. they are so made for each other. justin and selena are crazy about each other.


    I am so confused

  • Belieber 4 life

    I hope they get back togherther

  • essie j

    i think the pic is Composite look at the man in white he’s on the same position O.O ;)

    • Jsha bieber


    • daughterofLordRauhl

      That is very true. Point!

    • smilebaby

      yeah i can see that.Technology this day can do anything..

      • mrs.swaggiebieber

        Yeah. True. So freaking true. You don’t even see her face. So yeah maybe its true Justin went to the hotel but it doesn’t mean she did.

  • Swag

    The paps need to leave them alone, it’s no body’s business.,

  • Rony

    I think they didn’t break up and people are just saying rumers cuz they didn’t hang out with each other lately,but the are very busy what did you expect???

  • Alisha

    What the hell is going on, its so confusing. I don’t like jelena, and now these stories, its getting more annoying to me. I just hate TMZ, they r soo irritating.

  • Hiltonhead

    Selena needs Justin to keep her name up high. Of course she would crawl back to him who wouldn’t .

  • Maria

    IMO i think that justin and selena are only dating for more fans and more popularity! :(
    ALSO if they did break up for good Nicki Minaj’s part in Beauty And A Beat is gonna be so awkward…

  • Hiltonhead

    I was at the New Jersey izod center concert after the show Justin’s tour bus was parked below the parking lot and you could see it then a Mercedes pulled down and two girls got out. Now I really could have sworn it was Selena’s mom in the front seat and they stopped by the bus and both went in the bus. Then the Mercedes waited up where we were we could easily see the bus and the car went Down to pick them up. When I looked down when the car picked them up and a blonde and brunette got in the car, they looked like the models that were at the concert. I was confused but one of his boys said it wasn’t selena he said she left two weeks ago meaning they broke up. He was serious.

  • Lany

    Another rumor again.what are those two trying to do?confusing fans all the time.in the news you will heard about break up and then in another news you’ll heard reunite and then another you heard that she is blocking justins contact to her and now they reunite again.what the waste of time following them?they want to play tricks and fooling their fans.fans why not stop supporting them and start supporting those ones that deserves better so that they will see how their fans had concerns for them?justin, oneday you will become the most miserable guy.you already know that her love for you turns the other way round but you still trying to regain her approve again.be better watchout and be careful because she will dump you oneday and that she don’t care who you are.eventhough the love for her is still there but the truth lies behind the foundational of all loves in the midst of all lovers for all times.love can trick you from the outside but the truth lies inside of it for if you uncover it you will see the reality.so why not stop and rethink and make a good discovery about love and life?it is better for you to stay happy and continue your career than to be up a miserable guy fooling by love.a true love comes from the inside and not from the outside.no hate to both.

  • Jsha bieber

    I wanna say somethin to All the beliebers, who thinks that justin had cheated on selena – You guys are not true beliebers if u can’t #believe on justin. IKR!!!

    • Jsha bieber

      If u are a true belieber then u should believe on justin 1st.

      • mrs.swaggiebieber

        That’s so true. I #Believe in Justin more than anyone. I love him

  • justin the #1

    i don’t understand her or him her i think she’s being stupid if she goes back with him he’s going to hurt her more. and him kid don’t be a douche and start acting like a man if she broke up with him. then be a man and accepted don’t try to work things out wait a frew months. but i forget he’s 18 and 18 year olds are a bunch of pricks.

  • Kidrauhl

    can they please just tells us if they’re together or not or expose it cause im getting stressed out over a relationship that isnt even mine.like for real cause im really getting tired of this bullshit.

  • Kidrauhl

    tbh i dont think they ever broke up in the first place.just ppl started rumors

    • halo

      how can it be a rumor when Selena’s own friends confirmed the break up?

      • jelena forever

        maybe they r just jellious that shes dating justin and not them they could be lying

    • jelena forever

      they didnt break up they just havent been seen together because of their crazy schueles u know justin with his tour and selena with her movie SPRING BREAKERS its just been hard to spend time together

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    What the heck is going on?!?!?! I’m so confused right now. As confused as their fans were when there were rumors Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were having a baby. OK, THAT WAS RANDOM. But anyway, I can’t tell whether this even actually happened. I also can’t tell if that peson in the pic is Selena. Could be just a girl with black hair assumed to be her. And these internet rumors could have just been started for no reason. Then again, Justin has looked really upset lately. But that can be from other things that we’re not told about. Damn! See how confused I am? I just want this cleared up!!!

    • retarted fangirls

      You always have something random to say stop with it

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Hey, you always randomly jump in people’s conversation. Why don’t you stop?

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      *Person*- sorry for the misspell.

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    I still don’t trust TMZ, never have never will. NEVER SAY NEVER does not count here because TMZ will always lie. But still confused!

  • Hey guys

    Nope that really Selena guys I mean look at the shoes and Justin look at the owl tattoo am just saying

  • lea milos-bieber

    Im tired for stories about JELENA,and I think thats not Selena.

  • ivan

    I don’t like celebrity websites like TMZ becouse they give negative stories that feed the haters. Notice they say nothing about Justin’s visit of those children. Nevertheless, It does appear they are trying to make up-I am happy for them. They are such a cute couple together. I wish Justin would dress a little more mature so that haters would not use the way he dresses to criticize him-he’s a very good person.

  • Bieber


  • Sarah

    if they are together would they walkin or walk out of the hotel together and he asked his mom to be his date for this weekend so they must be brake up i’m so confused

  • Bieber. Forever

    Yay!!!!! I. Love. Jelena

  • retarted fangirls

    This is too Dang funny