Justin Bieber and Wizard’s John Wall meet in Verizon Center DC

Justin Bieber ran into the Wizards’ point guard John Wall in a crowded hallway after a team practice. They exchanged a manshake, which was particularly impressive given that Wall’s shorts were falling down and that Justin was on a Segway.

Justin’s set to perform tonight, Nov5 at the Verizon Center, Washington DC.

  1. needs 2 look at himself before he goes out, like WTH who needs to see his ass, plzz pull up ur pants bro.

    ma <3Justin<3 alwyz look awesome.. haha

  2. justin’s looking hotter as always tho john’s pant is falling LOL no offense. love u justin love u on segway !! good meet n greet

  3. please pull yo pants.yo butt is big for a dude im just sayin btw justin i loved you at th concert it wa nice meeting you for the 6th time

  4. Oh, Justin’s always being told to pull up his pants, now it’s John Wall’s turn! Lol. Anyway, that must have been awesome…

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