Justin Bieber Brings Crying Girl on Stage!

After sang U Got it Bad, Justin saw a girl crying and said “How cute is she??” and pulled her up on stage! Memphis TN. Watch the video:

  • belieber for life


    • Jsha bieber

      So lucky.

      • vana

        he is so lucky

    • emily

      i wish i was that girl so lucky she gets to hug justin

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  • @JB_SwagSoMean01

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  • Bieberfever

    Awww you are such a good person justin

  • justinbeibierhater

    justin is such an idoit, he hasnt even it puberty yet!!! come on girls, open your mind and let reality come in!!!!!

    • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

      If you are a hater and on justin’s fansite that,just goes to that you have no life and nothing better to do. And also you can call him an idiot and say that he has not reached puberty all you want because anything a hater has to say would never hurt Justin you haters are nothing to him. Justin bieber is the one with 28million twitter followers, he is rich, famous, and girls love him cause he is a cutie. Could you say those things about yourself? No

      • Jbsnumber1fan

        I agree with you but he dosent have 28million he has 30million;)

    • chrisitie luvs jb

      you’re are so pethetic if you put the energy you put into finding website youtube videos and tweets about jb into school work yoyu would be bringing home A’s and mama would be proud

      • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

        @ Christie luvs jb if you were talking to me stfu hoe, I highly doubt you even go to school. You don’t know me so go back to what you were doing before wich was blowing your own father. C#nt

    • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

      And you are also so stupid you can’t even spell bieber and you also cannot spell idiot. How old are you like eleven or did you just stop going to school at that age? B!tch

      • jojo

        u go girl when someone talks about justin bieber they r just hatting caz they have no life!!!!!!!!!

    • JaylaBieber

      Hasn’t hit puberty yet? Did you copy a comment off one of his YouTube videos 3 years ago or what?


      @justinbeiberhater, just back off n keep ur no-sense comment to urself,,


    • xoBelieberxo

      Excuse you. Justin is not an idiot and he did hit puberty. Get out of this site! Haters are not welcomed like you.. Only “Beliebers”. @Alyssa is right. Watever you say will not hurt Justin, cuz he dosen’t waste his life with haters like you.. Now, GTFO

  • Bieber.Forever

    I.need. To meet. Him. And. Be his One. less. lonely. girl!

  • Nicole

    He is Soooo Sweet :D I LOVE THAT AWWWW
    Justin you are amazing guy.
    Love him SOOOOO MUCH I want to meet him SOOOOO BAD!!!! Man I LOVE him <3 :D

    • Alisha

      Never say never! Same with me, he is such a nice guy.

  • Sandy Ragan

    sweet …you made her night :)

    • Lokani

      He always has girls that Are crying. Not one of his fans dont cry. But it’s sweet that his fans adore him And love what he does give back

  • Amanda Marie

    That’s the most sweetest thing that I ever seen in my whole life. Justin you made her day.

  • JB Fan

    He”s such a amazing Role Model i Love him i Hope him nd selena Stay together foreva<3

    • Lokani

      Me to, they are such amazing couple who love each other very much,

  • julie bieber

    hes such a kind guy…ilove him!! amazing belieber follow me
    @SHAWTYbelieber6..help me to be noticed by him…our idol

  • Brittany Bieber

    He is such a nice person!!!! LOVE YOU Justin <3

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    soooooo sweet

  • JaylaBieber

    Too sweet <3

  • Melissa bieber

    I love how sweet and carring Justin Bieber is for his fans. U wish I was the girl that got to meet and hug the SEXY Justin Bieber. I love u Justin Bieber. <3

  • Beliver

    Wow how cute


    oh, how cute is dat. Justin is soooo awesome n kind.. love u :D

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    That’s so sweeeet

  • Real sastika belieber

    I still wonder why there are haters of this kindest,cutest n most helpful guy of this earth?? means he cares alot about others..HIS BELIEBERS,family and frens… so uugghh!! haters,,JUSTIN doesn’t deserve hate.He deserves respect n suppoirt with love..I LOVE U JUSTIN

  • Marley

    That’s so sweet ^.^

  • Desss

    awww thats too cute!

  • Dancer

    MEMPHIS MY HOMETOWN!!! lol. I was there last night. I loved it even though I sat wayyy back!

  • Swag

    Ahh hes soooo nice! cute thats just one reason i like him hes so sweet <3 JB

  • Summer

    awww sooo lucky!!!

    lol, he HATES uggs and she’s wearing uggs XD

  • macqueenza

    for the Lord is my strength n my guide,I shall not fear any storm that’s on it’s way.

  • breanna heath

    Hey do you think that I could get 5 free tickets. you are so cute

  • Maribeth

    I was there! it was so sweet!

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE


  • ReshmiBieber

    oh my sweet Justin !! love him !!
    #crying !!

  • @SwaggyBieber1

    so lucky girl :) soooo lucky :(