Justin Bieber FALL – Official Fan-made Music Video ft. Selena

Amazing fan-made video by jardc87. Justin Bieber “FALL” ft. Selena Gomez.

Hi guys! 😀 It’s finally here! My new music video Fall By Justin Bieber from his album Believe! It was A LOT of work! But i dont care this is what makes me happy! Some people always asking me why justin? 🙂 To me the most important thing in life is to bring a possitive message in everything we do and he does! That’s why i admire him! He is a young man who made his dream come true and use that to help others and of course his music is AMAZING! –jardc87

Justin Bieber as himself
Selena Gomez as herself
Juan Andres as Doctor
Steban Cabrera as the Bad Guy

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  2. The M Legend
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  5. Original justin bieber
  6. Original justin bieber
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