Justin Bieber FALL – Official Fan-made Music Video ft. Selena

Amazing fan-made video by jardc87. Justin Bieber “FALL” ft. Selena Gomez.

Hi guys! :D It’s finally here! My new music video Fall By Justin Bieber from his album Believe! It was A LOT of work! But i dont care this is what makes me happy! Some people always asking me why justin? :) To me the most important thing in life is to bring a possitive message in everything we do and he does! That’s why i admire him! He is a young man who made his dream come true and use that to help others and of course his music is AMAZING! -jardc87

Justin Bieber as himself
Selena Gomez as herself
Juan Andres as Doctor
Steban Cabrera as the Bad Guy

    • Say the person who can’t even spell Belieber right! Like seriously I’m about to throw a dictionary in your face. Stfu if you don’t have anything nice to say about Selena.

    • If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it. -__- And if you don’t like Selena, can you at least RESPECT the girl?! She’s his girlfriend. Like, if I could, I would so smack you with my purse right now. I’m with @Carsyn.

      • @jshabieber Ur saying that as if it’s not that big of a deal. Like she’s not a belieber if she can’t spell what she is that’s like saying ur 100% a belieber but u cant spell bieber

  1. This video is adorable. :) I hope Justin sees this, and makes it real. But, I know if he does make a music video for Fall, or any other song, he won’t put Selena in it because 1. He knows 50% of his “Beliebers” HATE Selena. & 2. He is really sweet, that he says he doesn’t wanna throw Selena at our faces. And show her off, because almost all of his Beliebers a teenage girls. And SOME WILL obviously get jealous & just hate Selena more. -_-
    See this is why Selena doesn’t do things for Justin, IN PUBLIC. They keep their relationship as private, as POSSIBLE. Because of those 50% of “Beliebers” that CANNOT see Justin happy with his girlfriend, and are so jealous they NEED TO HATE her, and they CANNOT RESPECT the damn chick. Like, she’s a f*cking HUMAN!!! Like, seriously? But, the other girls in his videos are pretty, though.

    • I didn’t mean to type that much & use that language, but you know when your sick, tired, & annoyed of something you wanna end it. When I was typing the comment above, I was literally screaming inside. It’s just sad, that some people can be very irrelevant. *sigh* But on the bright side, Justin still remains sexy and hot. ;)

      • i agree completely, i dnt understand why no one can just get over watever they r holding against her whether it be jealousy or something else and just let the couple be happy, i think jelena deserves the respect like every other relationship would, if u luved justin u wouldnt keep trying to hurt someone he cares about. its like saying your friends with someone but keep saying hateful things about your friend’s sister, u nd your friend’s sister might not have the best relationship, but you’d respect her for your friends sake if you actually cared about how your friend felt.

  2. wow, i love diz video sooo much, its soooooooooooooo marvellous n awesome..
    wow congrants to whoever did it.. she/he chose ma favourite song.. . wish Justin gonna see it.. :)

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this video!!!!! It’s a GREAT idea. You’re VERY good……. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin should do something just as this one WITH Selena!!!! :)

  4. It is ok. But u put Selena in the hospital and she can’t breath on her own because she had that nose thing. That is very mean and rude. Then u have Justin take bills and then he has wings and does that mean he died.

  5. Yup! So true, he is looking so beautiful in the video. It would be amazing without her. That guy who made this could not hide her fat in the video, she is lookin weird n chubby. But good job………

      • slutena is ugly and i’m not jealous of that fat pig face she’s just using justin for fame and justin can be happy with or without her and i really wish justin would dump her he’s so gorgeous he deserves a gorgeous young girl :D it’s my opinion so it’s non of ur buisness ;)

  6. you are all so horrible about selena SHUTUP what if she read all these comments what would she feel u all calling her fat and wat would Justin think I dont mind selena you guys just need to grow up and leave her alone i mean yh she is dating Jusin get over it ok If he saw what where saying she would be so upset what is your problem i mean i dont like her that much but i dont send hate to her and i dont say mean things about her coss i know what it is like to hav things said about you !!!!!!! you guys just need to grow up and think about what you say i am not saying that you have to like selena i am just saying you dont have to call her a slut and call her fat its un called for OK so grow up and stop hatin on her cos imagine if it was you who was dating Justin and you saw all these comments about you i think you would get sad and angry so shut p an think abo other ppls feeling !!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree with you!! If ppl don’t have something nice to say then they should say nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I really don’t care what would she feel if she’ll read these comment bcuz this is the truth that she’s very fat,chuby and on the other justin also knows, that more than 50% beliebers hates her nd even he don’t have any problem with it because its natural to hate some1 or love. Ikr

      • I don’t think justin doesn’t have ANY problems with us when we r trying to hurt someone he loves, I think he would be happier if we all set aside our opinions and things and just were more respectful to his relationship and selena. I’m sure justin is negatively affected by all the hate selena gets. I mean who wouldn’t be, if someone was saying a whole bunch of crap about your boyfriend wouldn’t you be upset? especially if the one who’s talking crap is supposedly your friend.

  7. I Agree With Yu @belieberrrrr ,, Ok am Not A Fan Of Her .. But I Think She’s A Human And We Should Respect Her ,, Even If She’s Dating Justin What’s Wrong Of That .. Okay Am Saying It ,, I Got jealous At The Beginning But Now I Think Am in Line With It !!

    But The Video Is Adorable .. Well done Guys !! <3 !

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