Justin Bieber: Fu*k Street Wear Skateboard

Justin Bieber seen carrying around a skateboard, arriving at a dance studio in North Hollywood (Nov 16).

    • did lady gaga,demi lovato and rihana really unfollowed justin?!
      because of the break up and because every one is being on her side …even half the beliebers!

      • I dont get it either and the thing that pisses me off is the beliebers who said 2 years ago”if selena breaks justins heart ..I will break her heart!
        now am just hearing it from selenators and sum beliebers!
        and second thing is..am comletely confused!?
        1-did selena cheat on justin? (dont think so at all)
        2-is selena a girl who just want fame? (I dont know)
        3-does he want her back? (I kinda think so)
        4-is she blacking him from her life? (not sure)
        5-and the biggest on: ARE THEY GETTING BACK TOGETHER?(maybe)
        and now their is this new rumor saying that selena wants to date naill!!!
        well I am not gunna believe it but if it was true….
        then selena is realy a girl who uses ppl for fame and doesn’t care about who is heart broken!

      • justin Bieber and Selina Gomez are dating again. They went on a date last night to the Laugh Factory. It says that on selina zone.

  1. u look sad Justin, poor u. Swaggy skateboard I would totally buy one, some people might find it wrong and rude but who cares if u like.<3 u. #Belieber

  2. I used to be a belieber, but then as time went on I discovered that being one was a complete waste of time. This kid is done. He claims he’s christian, yet wears vulgar things when he goes out. That’s such a ridiculous lie. It made me completely lose all respect for him. I’m tired of all the attention this guy gets. There are other things in this world to invest yourself in, rather than hope for that 1-in-a-quintillion chance that you’re gonna marry him. I got over him, and I suggest you do too.
    I really don’t care for who responds or flames me for this comment. :) Just sayin’

    • Yes. So if you really don’t care for whoever responds to you, let me begin.
      He’s a human. He’s not perfect. You say you were a Belieber and you left him. You were a fan not a Belieber. So get your facts right please. And there are other people in the world who claim their Christians, but do such things, you hate them too? You don’t like Justin, because he’s famous. Or you hate everyone in the world that claim their Christian but they’re not. Honey, they’re are cruel people on this planet. But, Justin isn’t one of them. Pattie raised him right. So please, don’t call yourself a “Belieber” after what you just typed. Thanks :)

    • True being a beliber is pointless because all they do is make millions of dollars for a heartless Guy. And don’t act like you don’t know what your talking this Guy is owned so he gets forced to do stuff like the charity thing.

  3. people who leave Justin because of selena aren’t real BELİEBERS!!! I THİNK this is good for us….that we saw who is real belieber and who is not .!!!! I’m a BELİEBER forever…….and KİDRAUHL FOREVER <3

  4. people who leave Justin because of selena aren’t real BELİEBERS!!! I THİNK this is good for us….that we saw who is real belieber and who is not .!!!! I’m a BELİEBER forever…….and I’ll always support Justin no matter what………..AMAs are tonight guys and I want Justin to be happy tonight …………….

    • He always looks sad especially with that stupid look on his face when he takes pictures. This Guy thinks he’s slick trying to fool girls, try next time little boy

  5. So , is anyone can explain to me ?? whats happen with selena and justin ?? are they really broke up ??? is the story of jelena just end up ????????

  6. ya nice skateboard and cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll……………… and hot and awesome and………….. so much.pic love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………….. much by

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