Justin Bieber Hairstyle Tutorial

Great tutorial (for guys) on how to style your hair like Bieber.

Emil from Slikhaar.dk is showing how to style his hair like Justin Bieber, the hair is inspired by Justin’s new haircut, which is a combination between George Michael and Elvis Presley.

Products Used:
1.) Water Spray
2.) Ghd styler medium
3.) Brush
4.) KMS California Sea Salt spray (Hair Play)
5.) Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax
6.) KMS California Hair Stay – Maximum Hold.

Hair Info:
Sides: 1-2cm (graduated to the top)
Top: 10cm
Sides at back head: 1-2 (graduated as well)

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    luking awesome………..

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    Cool who doesnt want bieber hair right haha LUV U JB

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    Great! Iam gonna show this video to my bro. He always wanted to know,how to make justin’s hairstyle.

  • Alisha

    Oooooh! So this is the secret behind his beautiful hairstyle. Lol!

  • mrs.swaggiebieber

    I love Justin’s hair. I’m at school at the moment so i didnt see the video… but i love the fact that his style looks like Elvis Presley! i LOve Elvis!

  • essie j

    well if i were a boy i would do the same hairstyle that justin has ;) he’s awesome and so in style :D

  • Original justin bieber

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    I <3 Justin I which my guy friends would do their like that.

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      And i am a big fan of you!!! I wish i can go to your concert and meet you, I wish i Had your hair tooooo:)

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    Why do I have a feeling it doesn’t take him that long? haah! Auhmazing btws!

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    Cool but i think that no one will ever look as good in that hair style other thsn justin :p

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  • Redunculous

    Yeah, so any guy who spends that much time styling their hair to look like a 15 year old girl needs to have their man card revoked immediately. Any guy who goes through the trouble of posting it as a YouTube video dwarves a punishment much worse. What a douche

  • Filmah kanguc from PNG

    I like the natural hair style.
    But its ok you look cute the way you are.

  • Osaid

    Wow nice I love Justin bieber and his everything I’m trying to get his hair style I’m a very big fan of him

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    I’m really inlove with his new haircut but I still prefer the past one..

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    Im sid nd i hv made hair cut of jb nd also added u in instagram