Justin Bieber: I Feel Lonely Because I’m Human

Justin admits he feels lonely and gloomy sometimes… and oh.. he only got 3 close friends. Can you guess who they are?

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53 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: I Feel Lonely Because I’m Human


      chaz, ryan, and ……. i dont know who the third one is, i dont think its usher, i know he’s very close with usher and stuff, but, i think usher is more like a father if anything, than a friend. maybe he’ll introduce us to his new friend later… : )

    2. Bieber - Lover

      Okay, I am not trying to be all that but most if Justin Bieber’s songs are the way I feel everyday, like everyday. Most of these days in my life I say “I HATE MY LIFE!!!” But anyway JB I would like you to help me with a song that I need help with it is called: “Love Your Life”

  1. Ashley

    Poor Justin. I love you. U r truly my inspiration. Don’t feel lonely. I am upset because I could have gotten tickets to see Justin at MSG this week. My dad decided not to and idk why.

    1. Je T' aime

      @Ashley, dont worry , i live in NewYork, and i didnt get tickets either…… i know how it hurts everynight when you go to bed knowing that someone else was OLLG, how far your dreams are, but like justin says you just have to BELIEVE, and everything’s gonna BE ALRIGHT. : )

  2. daughterofLordRauhl

    It’s nice that he shows himself as human. A lot of times we can think that celebs are nothing like us and sometimes celebs think that they’re above everyone else. That’s why I don’t expect him to be perfect. He’s a person with feelings and will do things a little out of line sometimes. But he’s still got a heart of gold, and I love him for it. I know 2 of his best friends, Chaz and Ryan. #3? I don’t know. If I think of someone I’ll say it. Anyway, I hope he remembers who loves him when he’s depressed. ;)

  3. daughterofLordRauhl

    Ok, now that I’m more conclusive, his 3rd friend is Christian Beadles. I said that if I thought of somebody, I’d say so, and now that I think about it, it makes sense. So it’s Chaz, Ryan and Christian.

  4. JaylaBieber

    I liked that answer, “Because I’m human.” because people usually act like he’s not. Like he doesn’t have feelings about anything or anyone.

    1. Lokani

      There lucky to have Justin as a friend., he’s amazing and very talented and very adorable to his friends., I’m glad that Justin has his friends to turn to when he’s down and has problems with his RS.,

  5. Alisha

    Aww! Don’t be sad baby, u r a nice guy, good person, brother, son, true inspiration for everyone and the best artist in the world. Yes! Of course, u r human, and sometimes, u feels that like others………….. Luv u justin <3

  6. Jelena?


    he tlks bout them alot.. #JustSayin

    nd i understand wat yu mean… being human is lonely sumtimes….

    wat i like bout jb is that he is reall.. he cud b like, well yah i hve alot of rlly gud friends.. lmao nd he cud say the star life is all gud..

    but life is stressfull sumtimes nd jb expresses his feelings wit no filter.
    #JustLikeMe lol

    #YOLO nd yu need to mke the most of the life yu got…..
    but sumtimes makin the most of wat yu got is annoying or stressfull..

    its allright jb.. ur fans got yu!! we always mke yu fell better!! <3 just come to this site.. nd yu'll see ;) :)


  7. samara

    Same here Justin I only have 3 very close friends and they have been there for me every since my freshman year in high school now we’re juniors. Almost seniors:) can’t wait!!!


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