Justin Bieber: ‘I Want To Be the Next Michael Jackson’

Justin Bieber on the cover of Maclean’s Magazine (Nov. 26, 2012).

Justin Bieber has made a serious declaration to Maclean’s magazine: he wants to be the next ‘king of pop.’

According to the magazine, written by reporter Brian D. Johnson, Justin said he doesn’t just want to be a teen heartthrob.

Justin, who knows he’s on top right now, wants to stay there, and so he’s modelling his career after Michael Jackson, the original ‘king of pop.’

“I don’t want to be second-best, I don’t want to be third-best, fourth-best. I want to be the best, so that takes a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work,” He told the magazine.

You can read the full story in the latest issue of Maclean’s magazine, which hits newsstands Thursday Nov 15.

    • You’re out of your damn mind. No one can ever top Michael Jackson, he’s paved the way for many careers and done things with music that didn’t seem possible. Bieber is good but he’ll never reach MJ’s unparalleled talent

      • how dare you compare Justin to Michael i love Justin but seriously THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISRESPECTFUL MJ was from another planet NOBODY will ever did what he did for us and the impact that he had on music he has breaking barriers for all the young artists that u see today and he inspired them all ever Justin so to even think that Justin will be as big as MJ was u are totally out of ur damn mind Justin is talented but never will be a living legend like MJ IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE !!!!

  1. Please Justin be safe ! Don’t want you to die in motorcycle accident… Teenagers are risk-takers. Think of Your mom, how devastated she would be if something happened to you. No matter how upset you might be don’t take risk with your life. Life is too precious.

  2. Awwwww thats adroble <3. I really think that u are the future MJ but u will be more famouse than MJ for sure. Ur makin an epic HISTORY to the whole world. U will score high goals in future bcuz ur doin really hard work. No one can be like u never ever ever…….

    • O GOD!How stupid!He will be the famous Justin ,he won’t be the next Michael Jackson NEVER.And his NEVER SAY NEVER is FAKE advice ,trust me, some people are really stupid and naive to BELIEVE this.i am not hater,i LOVE him , but i am also Michael’s biggest fan……some day you will understand what i mean….

      • His never say never is not fake advice. It means to never give up on your dreams.. I think that phrase is inspirational. How do you know that he won’t be the next michael jackson? Justin is really tallented and is going to be the king of pop for sure. Don’t be so negative about things. If you were a Belieber, you would believe in everything and goals that he can reach in the near future

      • @jezzy I am A HHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE michael jackson fan…and do u know I kinda use to not love hime but since vids like boyfriend,beauty and a beat,as long as you love me came out I kinda felt related cuz justin is about 4 years older than me!
        I do think he can be a beautiful michael!

    • Stop dreaming please please stop. I understand that you love JB but in all honesty he will never ever reach MJS level or get any where near it for sure. Its just never going to happen y’ll see.Just remember DB told you so.

  3. sorry but no one can beat Michael Jackson not even justin, that’s my opinion. Plus there’s only one king of pop and that title is taken, sorry justin but he’s staying prince of pop

      • really we all know just ONE KING OF POP is Michael Jaskson.NO one can compare him,but no one can compare to KING OF SWAG!!!

      • What swag doesn’t someone have to dress him and just because Michael Jackson is dead doesn’t mean someone can takeover let’s face Justin at least has to have a lot of guys like his music too not just girls

      • I agree 50%.
        but am 100% sure that if michael was alive ..he would have agreed of sum1 like justin to share the position!
        why??!!! cuz michael is not a stupid hater and brain is full of scense… soo he could have seen the enourmous talent justin has and which is hiddin because of haterz !!!

  4. As Simon Cal says: don’t underestimate him. At 18 he’s an amazing performer who can only get better. You get a hint of his Michael Jackson type charisma in his performance of Die In Your Arms and She Don’t Like The Lights peformances in Believe concert. He should perform this at awards show sunday. It would blow them away!

  5. Where is that damn @retartedfangirls? I’m surprised that she’s not here yet, come on back! You wanna go at it again, fine! I’m as mad as hell, then why do you keep on coming back and interrupting people’s damn conversation? Come on back! Try to be hell to me.

  6. Ok, my first comment had nothing to do with anything, but to the point, I think that he can do it. No, no one can be Michael, but I think even so, Justin can be “successor to the throne”. ;) I believe Michael would have liked him. So let’s see of he can be the reigning “king”. If he can’t be “King of Pop”, he’ll always be our “King of Swag”. :) Oh, and @retartedfangirls, if you ever get here, I’m still doing my happy dance, cause you ain’t nothing but a rude hater who interrupts everyone to me.

    • The reason I say that he can be “successor to the the throne” is because, well, let’s face it, Michael died. It’s sad, but he died. So Justin, even though never as good as Michael, can be successor because he is the biggest LIVING artist today. Just wanted to make that clear.

  7. The terms king of pop or prince of pop has been said by others toward Justin to indicate he is the top male pop performer today; there is nothing wrong with saying he is the new MJ since MJ died unfortunately. people spoke of Grayson Chance or Cody Simpson for example as the new justin bieber just as we speak of JB as the new MJ. He is merely striving to be as good as Michael was-nothing wrong with that.

  8. why can’t he just be “justin bieber”? why does he have to be “the next” of something? I personally believe that he’s not gonna be “the next MJ”, but i also believe that nobody is going to be “the next justin bieber”, He’s unique in his own way and MJ is unique in his own way.

  9. He’s surely famous and has a lot of fans, BUT, MJ was loved by ALL kinds of people, and justin’s fans are 98% females. So apparently his music is only appealing to girls. So if he wants to be the next MJ, his music needs to grow.

  10. #BigShoesToFill

    being the ‘next’ Michael Jackson… is guna be some hard wrk jb..

    u r amazingly-talented.. #NoLie

    i will support yu in yur dream!!!!!!!!!!! #TrueBeliebers just wanna see yu happy..
    nd when yu succeed in yur goal…. ;) i’ll be soo proud!! lol
    im proud now.. but ukno wat i meen.. :) :) :) :)

    im not obsessed wit yu.. rlly im not..
    yu just inspire me so much.. ur story.. just gets to my heart everytime i read about it, or hear yu tlk about it.. u never gave up..

    nd ppl like yu, give hope to ppl like me! ppl who wanna b somebody.. nd live their dreams toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    just keep doin wat u doin… nd i'll always b a fan…
    if yu'd ask me if i had #BieberFever….
    i'd say "ehhh yu cud prolly maybe say dat.. ;p" hahaaa



  11. MJ was a unique talent. I know about his career from the time he started as a kid-he was great. To strive to be like him is Justin’s dream-don’t know if he will be-time will tell. All I can say is that He is the one male pop artist today that gives me goosebumps as he did in some of his performances in Believe tour. Chris Brown is also a great performer- l think Justin is more slick with his dance moves whereas CD is more athletic. It’s llke comparing a suave performer like fred astaire with Gene Kelly

    • OMG… I hope the Chris Brown part was not provoked by my comment…. I said “where’s Chris Brown?” for a different reason. I surely don’t think that he is “successor tho the throne” of MJ!

  12. As much as I love Justin I really don’t think he can rise to that level and If he did I would hate for him to become that strange and self obsorbed; that would just creep me out. Justin, just be the best Justin you can be and don’t compare yourself to anyone else, when you say that it makes you sound really, I don’t know full of yourself.

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