Justin Bieber in Midtown Manhattan, NYC!

Justin showed up at the historic 69th Regiment Armory in Midtown Manhattan this morning (November 6). The Biebs was in the house to rehearse for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Credit: SplashNewsOnline.com

10+ pics in NYC

  1. guys, please i really want to know where can i meet justin, this is my only chance, when he comes to new york city. i would really appreciate if any of you guys could help me, anything you know, i wanna know which hotel is he staying at, like where do the usually have the VS fashion show rehersals, anything, this would mean so much to me. thanks, love yo

  2. I Meet My Beliebers In The My Shooping Beliebers Said :We Hate You Selena Gomez Pig And Selena Gomez Was Angry Sad And Mad She Was Crying :(how bad

    • i love how justin cherish what he has with his fans. that he will never have fans that will always love and adore him very much. i also love how justin always gives back for those who are less fortunate then he is. He cherish what he has with his friends and family. they are very supportive of him and his career.

  3. Thank uu guyss:D!:)love you guysss<3<3<3 fans and beliebers vote for me on mtv ema i cant wait to vote beliebers fans:)

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