Justin Bieber is a White Trash Prince? See his Response!

Media has branded Justin Bieber a “white trash prince” after he’s spotted wearing overalls and baseball cap when accepting a  prestigious Diamond Jubilee award from Canadian Prime Minister.

Here’s Justin’s response to the DailyMail writer “Hayley Peterson” via instagram.

The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where i was performing at that day. I walked straight from my meet and greet (with fans) to him, if you “Hayley” expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan a suit at that specific time that’s crazy, It wasn’t like it was like I was going into his environment we were at a hockey arena. Wow am i ever white trash hayley peterson lol

  • ivan

    That is exactly why I gave him the benefit of the doubt. We should send it to TMZ, The Gawker, and other web sites that publish false information to make him look bad. I bet they will not publish this. Don’t believe anything they say unless it’s confirmed by reliable sources. He has many haters because misunderstandings like this.

    • IL_Jelena4Now


    • Mack Attack

      I completely agree I mean it wasn’t as serious as if he had walked in high or drunk or something…. Let the boy be!

  • BiebersGirl18

    That’s my baby!! You tell that girl Justin!! I love you soooo much!!<3 MUAH

  • ivan

    p.s I love that his fighting back against the haters-give them hell Justin!

    • Alisha

      Yes! Thats my boy! Proud of u justin, luv u. <3

  • MaliaBieber101

    He is NOT white trash! :/
    I’m glad he responded back to that chick..

    • Tay-Tay Bieber

      IKR….im just glad that Justin fought for himself and all those haters out there can defintally suck it because he is NOT trailer trash

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    oooooo no u didntt!!! Hav u seen him wear a tux???? he wears good clothes and looks hott in themm!!! he is a prince and a very hot 1 i can promice u that :)

    • Jsha bieber


  • TTFan

    I’m sure he knew he was meeting the prime minister wayyyy ahead of time. He could’ve had a tux ready, he wore a tux the times he met Obama.

    • ruetty

      Yep, i am with u here. I think he could have worn something better than this but calling him white trash is ridiculous!!

      • Mack Attack

        Ok… You guys also make a valid point but hey it’s over and done now… He received the award… We really can’t do anything about it.

  • megan

    He did wear a tux when he meet obama but how do we know tht he was gonna meet him

    • TTFan

      Because I’m sure the prime minister has a schedule? He doesn’t know if Justin is available so I’m sure they had to schedule a meeting for Justin to get an award.

  • BeliebersForever

    Good job Justin 4 raising hell on this chick.<3 u

  • megan



    dats my boy, u tell them.. muchlove muchlove


    suck my toe chick! i dont care what you think justin is a great person and you of all people should be calling HIM trash… YOU GO JUSTIN<3 tell her off. she better be careful before fans hurt her.. <3333 p.s. i thought you looked GREAT!!!!

    • BeliebersForever

      @BIEBERS BABE I agree that Beliebers including I, would hurt her. If I was that chick I would think before writing, because her name is under the message and what she wrote is just rude because she does not know Justin and does not know what happened.

      • retarted fangirls

        What are you and your crew against buff armed security that can literally break your bodies apart

    • retarted fangirls

      Obviously you have no style if you he looked good in that.


    bitchs be sayin crap bout my baby. i kill ha!

  • Darius

    I would not make that stupid article about what was Justin wearing that day..I am future jurnalist and I would not make that article about clothes…Justin tell Hayley she is wrong…if she wanted to see u dress in a costume why she didnt brought u clothes…Team Believe 4 Ever

    • BeliebersForever

      @Darius I agree with u. I wouldn’t make an article about how Justin dresses. I would have made an article about how he visits people in need and etc.He is a gr8 person.

      • Darius

        @BeliebersForever yea that will be a great article about Justin helping poor kids…not about how he is dressed…Keep BELIEVING GUYS!!! #swaggy

  • Jazmyn

    omg,thats so great..proud of u dear,proud 2 be a belieber…i love u jb……… :)

  • bronnie fahey

    TO “HAYLEY PETERSON” Why dont you use your position in the media to report on the “GOOD” Justin does and the money he raises for charity on a daily basis,the sick children he visits behind the scenes and the influence he potentially has to bring awareness to needy causes? Instead of writing stories on the fabric he chooses to wear? You may call yourself a journalist but the rest of us wont!

    • BeliebersForever

      @bronnie fahey I agree 100%

      • Darius

        totally agree with ya

  • kidrauhlhearts

    That hayley girl seems so thirsty…

  • Jess Bieb

    wait, he didn’t know beforehand that he was going to meet the guy? hum..doesn’t sound so convincing….

    • oxBelieberxo

      He was wearing that at a meet n greet before visiting the Canadian prime minsiter, he had no time to change before he got to the minister, he had to do that right after the meet n greet

  • steph

    LOL he said “a loan” lol it’s “let alone” Justin. and “it wasn’t like it was like…” ?? huh? well i guess i shouldn’t be surprised since he’s not very educated. Although I’ve got to agree with Justin, people judge you so quickly these days.

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      How do you know that it wasn’t spell check that did that? Sometimes you mean to type one thing but when you do one little thing wrong auto-correct changes it for you and you look like an idiot. So, let’s not go to the point of calling him not very educated and think a little.

      • motherbiebs

        i agree daughterofLordRaul, its petty when steph points out something so trivial .How the hell does steph know Justins educational abilities? he knows enough to do good in he world what have you done for the world lately steph?

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        I agree with you. Damn idiot.

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        @steph is. Didn’t want anyone to take that the wrong way.

    • motherbiebs

      good in “THE” world is what i meant to type …oh my i made a mistake, im a 42yr old mum from Australia and im educated.

  • steph

    oh plus. it wasn’t exactly Haley Peterson that called him a white trash, when the picture of him and the prime minister surfaced. EVERYONE was calling him white trash, and Haley was just making an article about it. Just read the article.

  • bieber lover

    @steph Justin Is very well educated fyi it might have been a little mistack he did these days u people judge and hate on him for every little mistake can’t u just leave him alone

  • kirsten

    That’s my idol right there :D

  • essie j

    i’m so proud of him he’s so clever :D

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    i am proud of my justin u r really cute justin in this pic just i am speechless he is just like a sweet and shying guy love u justin i really love this pic love

  • Sarah Bieber

    calm down, she’s didn’t call him “white trash” herself, she’s just stating the fact that everybody is calling him by that name. And plus, when i looked at the picture, the first thing that popped into my head was “why the heck is he wearing an overall? that’s so rude”. But now that he explained himself then just let bygones be bygones. stop hating on the person tht wrote the article. why are you people so dramatic?

  • Kidrauhl

    that’s not even called for to call him that tho.them bitches just jealous cause Justin can swagg out overall’s & them nigga’s cant.

    • retarted fangirls

      Swag out, -____- this Guy looks like a regular redneck that came out of a trailer park.

    • JaylaBieber

      Swag out overalls. Ok.

  • Yu Lee

    We Beliebers were just as shocked but gave benefit of the doubt, however a day later Justin has tweeted his displeasure with Hayley Peterson of The Daily Mail & explained on Instagram too! My version of events would be as follows —-

    The Canadian Prime Minister came CRAWLING to Justin (not the other way round) while he was taking a break backstage! He was the star performer at Toronto’s GREY CUP football match!
    Caught completely by surprise at a “football arena”, Justin was not expecting this award and didnt have a suit ready! Come on, be realistic, how do football fans dress these days – in a suit, in a tux with a bowtie?
    Also the Canadian flags in background make it seem like he’s on stage in front of huge audience, but actually its fake media props – there’s nobody there at all except the cameras – so there’s no prestigious event taking place and no “disrespect”.
    If anything, if the PM wants to show respect for this old British award, he should have officially invited Justin to his office to present it? But look who came to whom – who’s more busy and more important these days!

    Also, Justin joked about it because he has a great sense of humor (unlike the media) He is the kind of guy who will probably make amends, even when it was not his fault. I’m sure next time he meets this PM he will fall on one knee or something like that – to show sincere respect and set the record straight !!!

  • Bieberswagg

    She got burned soo bad! that what happens when that chick messes with our baby!
    Proud of you Justin!

    • retarted fangirls

      She didn’t get burned more like Justin did LOL:)

  • IL_Jelena4Now

    lol get it jb!!!!

    #HaterHayley <———– lmaooo H.H….

    she had tooo much time on her hands to type that up.. she obviously is in love wit justin… hahaaa

    "ooyah.. lemme change into a suit right after the game. or lemme go to a hockey game wit a suit on… ?"

    The prime minister looked pleased to meet justiin.. even in his overralls…..

    ok hayley peterson…

    i officially think.. us beliebers.. dont like hayley peterson that much… js.

    oh nd luv yu justin! u luked cute #AsUsual <3 <3 ;) ;) :) :)

  • ivan

    This is the type of shoddy journalism we see today where they don’t check for accuracy and almost never publish the correction after being exposed as untruthful. We see that in gossip sites all the time. Also, did they report that the suit against him by a photographer was thrown out? No!

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Ok, let’s put this in perspective. I know that it was completely uncalled for to call Justin “white trash”. (Especially the “white” part. Racism much?) But before we jump all over this Hayley Peterson person, let’s look at that thing called reality for a second. Hayley didn’t call him “white trash” herself. It’s what he was branded by a bunch of other damn morons. She just wrote an article about it. I don’t appreciate that, but that’s what she was doing. At least Justin cleared everything up. That’s it.