Justin Bieber on Oprah: Unlike Any Other Pop Star in History

In 1993, Oprah did an interview with Michael Jackson that went live around the world within 24 hours. Since then, she hasn’t done another interview like that—until now. Oprah sat down with Justin in Chicago for one of the most in-depth interviews he has ever agreed to do.

Watch as Oprah opens up about their conversation and reveals what sets Justin apart from legends like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Plus, find out what she really wanted to know about Justin.

Watch Oprah’s interview with Justin Bieber on Sunday, November 25, at 9/8c on OWN.

  1. i can,t wait to watch it but i don,t know that i will watch it or not bcs on sunday its my exam so i don,t know ok love u justin

    • Good luck for your exam… I just finished my exams last week. you can watch it later, im sure that repeats will show..love ya belieber..<3

  2. hey belieber in maldives r u muslim if u r then me to i am also muslim my name is sahar bcs u say on jaxon bithday that may allah bless u it means u r muslim u say allah ok ans me now and tell me your name and thanks for wishing me luck bcs its tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult .ok love u justin forever love u love u love u love u love u

    • yes, ofcourse im am muslim,Maldives is a 100% muslim country. By the way im really sorry for the late reply…my name is Ibana ,but everyone calls me “naana” . Anyways , we beliebers are a famliy so its not really a big deal when a family members wishes another….just #believe that you will get good marks and pray to Allah as well…if your in twitter pls give me your twitter..Mine is naana05 , but maybe you might not see me cuz i have secured it..heart you…love you Justin..<3

  3. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for late reply thanks for wish me luck and i don,t have twiter and f.b id so i have only yahoo id so take my id of yahoo if u have yahoo and then send me request ok my id is bieber.fever777@yahoo.com ok by and love u justin plz plz plz plz plz take my id and send me request plz plz i wanna meet u

  4. I have sent you the request…when will you be online? Where do you live? I think our time and your time will be different..pls accept..Take care..xoxo

  5. I saw this episode of Oprah on the Own channel.Justin Bieber’s sooooooooooooo cute.I was super excited and I told my mom about it.Justin’s an amazing person. :D I love Justin!!

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