Justin Bieber on Zack Ryder’s WWE True Long Island Story!

Justin Bieber featured on Zack Ryder’s YouTube web series -Episode #94. Watch the video:

      • I have a red 3DS. But, what do you mean about the “star pics” cards? If you mean the A.R Cards, then you just need to point the camera lens at the top of the card. But idk about these “star pics” cards you are talking about though. :/

      • @#believeinbiebah, yea u know when u buy your 3DS you get the ‘?’ card, with some other cards like five more, mario and stuff. i only got mine recently,and i dont know how to use these cards,im so confused. i got the ? card to work, but i dont know how to play the rest???? thank you so much.

  1. i love you justin bieber you are so hot and nice and sexy and cool and i love your music so much justin bieber i love so much your music i <3 you justin bieber i am your bigger fan of that year ok justin bieber

  2. I was at that concert and i LIVE in Long Island :) It’s in New York. Everyone is like becoming famous in Long Island and its crazzzyyyyyyyy.

  3. wow he is a fan of my justin wow wow wow but i hate him that guy zack ryder now i love him bcs he is family member of beliebers love u justin

  4. justin u r so sexy and i your biggest fan of this year love you so much and going to your concert in febuary at mancester on the 19th so excited love you so much it my first concert ever and glad its yours xxx

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