Justin Bieber out at Muzik Clubs in Toronto!

Justin Bieber and DJTayJames at Muzik Clubs in Toronto last night celebrating the 100th Grey Cup after party!!

The 100th Grey Cup is the championship game of the 2012 Canadian Football League (CFL) season.The game is played on Sunday, November 25, 2012, at Rogers Centre in Toronto, CANADA.

According to reports, Justin and Carly Rae Jepsen will be performing for the halftime show of the CFL game (Nov25).

    • I think Carly Rae is gorgeous and I love her music, it’s amazing and very cute., her album is amazing, I’m glad that Justin can hang out with carly, they seem such good friends., Carly Rae’s boyfriend is cute.,

  1. there are so many lies about him in the internet, it’s hard to keep track of them-the latest is he got killed in accident[on u-tube] I absulutely despise people who do that. I hope his security keeps an eye on him since you never know if a hater is in that club looking for trouble.

  2. ***REALLY IMPORTANT FACT***: You have to hit the “back button” and “click” on the Baby music video again, or “refresh” the page in order for the views to count each time you watch it because just hitting the “replay button” doesn’t count each view, only the first one. Beliebers need to trend “#Babyto1BillionViews” worldwide on twitter so we can beat Gangnam Style!


  3. really cute justin proud of u loe u kiss for u and i hope i willl meet u someday then i will give u a hug cutee pie my cuteee pie love u justin

  4. “We’re gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight”… lol. Been hearing BAAB on the radio nonstop and I found somewhere it fit. But have fun!

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