1. I love the third pic and his glasses. I wonder what he is shopping for….. I wish I WAS IN F#CKING NYC!!! But no, he couldn’t come to beacon NY :) LOL jk. I wouldn’t come to my town either ig I was Justin, NYC is probably much more fun. He,looks great though

  2. U look really hot Justin and nice glasses I feel sorry for u coz the paps don’t ever leave u alone u need ur privacy too but I hope u got what u wanted so that u could be swaggy like always. <3 u Justin

    • Poor Justin, he can’t go anywhere without the annoying fly on the wall shutterbugs constantly on his ass, follow him like puppy dogs., no wonder Justin loses the annoying shutterbugs they are always on his ass like bees without honey., they need to be bug sprayed

  3. but that is my line no prob jsha bieber u r right that justin is the only in this world and
    i love that 3 and 4 pic these two pics r awesome i am sad that justin can,t do anything outside bcs of these pap but its nice we get the news of justin daily i love u justin just love u
    love u justin
    i have written a song for u justin in selenagomezzone.com
    plz read that its not nice but its for u on the selena news
    selena gomez behind the scenes of dream out loud spring
    ok justin plz my baby my cutie pie read that plz and love u justin

  4. The video is here: youtube.com/watch?v=O_9VdWQptek&feature=youtu.be

    Just copy and paste the link. We’re trying to get Justin to do a Gangnam style music video but we need likes and hits. Please share it across the forum. Please, please, please. Forever Beliebers!!!!!!!

  5. the pic where like half his face is showin, is sooo cute.. ;)

    y is he wearin all black?? #IDigIt… jusss wonderin!!

    <3 stop bein soo amazing.. ughhhh <3 lol

    luv yu!

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