Justin Bieber Rides Swaggy Ducati Solo!

Justin was seen cruising around Beverley Hills on his Ducati on Wednesday – the day after he was pulled over by cops for making an “unsafe left turn.”

Dressed in black leather-look jeans, a hoody and some snazzy red studded high tops Justin was seen riding around the streets of the affluent district. He was even seen lifting himself off the seat as he displayed his motoring prowess, despite his run in with police on Tuesday night.

    • I know I was worried he will go to jail because it’s like his third time getting busted from the police.Justin does look swaggy but he could get hurt so I don’t want him to ride at the freeway but he’s 18 he will do what he want’s and wouldn’t listen cause he’s still a teenager.

  1. I rode one once behind my brother and was a nervous wreak. I hope
    scooter or his mother would tell him to stay of it since he could get hurt and have to cancel shows.

    • I agree I’m worried about Justin I hope he isn’t trying to kill himself because of Selena, he loved her. I hope he thinks because his team, his family, his belieber’s, and God luvs him and would be sad if he killed himself for a woman. Justin if u r reading this I am not trying to be mean, I just care about u and want the best for u. There’s other fish in the sea. I <3 u Justin Bieber!

  2. I’m not against motor rider, but that looks dangerous, i hope he’s not doing all this stuff just because selena broke up with him

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