Justin Bieber Shirtless during Sexy Performance at MSG, NYC! :)

Justin Bieber strips down during sexy performance at Madison Square Garden MSG, in NYC last night (Nov29).

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.00.39 PM

  1. woooooooooooooowwww!!!!!! he sure is some hot stuff!!!
    he is coming to dubai!!! and gunna(hopefully) attend his concert!

    • Justin has that swag about him., he looks way hot without his shirt off., love his six pack., Justin is such a hot commodity.? That it’s crazy.,

    • Hell yeah it was NYC is the big apple when you see it on t.v. but when you come to NY is like a different story like you could called it a (maze) if you the ones knows what I mean by that.lol

  2. Omg he’s so hot!!! I’m seeing him
    At the Toronto concert tomorrow in Canada omg I can’t wait!!!!! He tweeted he has SUPRISES for us omg<333

    • i agree. i think he’s cute, but his body is… ew.. he looks like he got muscles but his skin looks wrinkly at the same time :s its pretty weird.

  3. Do you expect Arnold Swarzeneggar?, He’s about 5:6 and growing. Also, he’s no 96LB weakling-He’s built like a lightwight boxer-try calling those similarly built boxers puny.

    • bruce lee might be an inch or two taller than justin (which is not much) but bruce lee’s body is effing buff and rugged. Justin’s body is.. scrawny looking even though u can see some muscles there. His arms r not too bad. but his body looks like an old man’s.

  4. Well, what can you expect? Those NYC Beliebers sold out each concert in 30 seconds! Obviously, they will see shirtless Bieber. *Biebergasm* And, um CAN I GET PREGNANT FROM THIS?! OMFG..

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