Justin Bieber Shopping at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills CA

Justin Bieber goes shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills CA (11/13) days after his breakup with Selena Gomez.

    • Um Justin and Selena are back together. She loves him like crazy. They are totally in love. If you read there tweets, it’s so sweet of them. Justin never wants to leave her side. He’s crazy about her. He wants her by his side all the time. He’s so in love with her. There tweets are so Romantic.

  1. Selena constantly happy having fün. . You can Read through the criminal is constantly sullen and you are sorry you do not worry about them joyful short life is short… Short….. Strong.happy. Fun ..we love you..

  2. justin and selena never broke up they just had a terrible fight and now they are still together.because of justin s pc with barbara selena got jealous and he didn t anser justin s phonecalls justin was too sad and he was crying saying selena will never talk to him for one week the both were very sad and now as you can see justin is smiling cuz they get back together and selena is smiling again!awwww i hope they will never fight i love you juzu and selly

  3. i dont see no smile???!!! @jelenator.. lmao

    all i know is that watever selly-sel did, justin was sooo torn up bout it.. the pic was blown outta proportion.. i ddnt rrlllyy thnk nuthn of it when i saw it… #JustSaying

    the fact that she is 19 and a VICTORIA SECRET model… it just added more frustraion to those who saw it and were all like ,
    “uhhhh…… wheres selena?!?!” lmao

    idk if he was cheating or flirting.. but its a fact that none of us kno for sure, unless we were backstage wit him at the victoria secret show….. ok ppl.. :p :)

    justin doesnt luk the same mad, or sad..
    his smile is toooooo gowjuss for him to be hiding it.. #Seriously…
    im still a #Belieber.. nd im still a #Selenator….
    but if selly-sel nd jb just dnt belong together.. then they dnt..??
    nobody needs to break anyones heart tho.. lol <3


  4. They didnt brake up!!!!! She was just mad at him for checking out the models because she didnt think it was respectful to the model or here cuz she is his gf and he shouldn’t be looking at other girls. She didnt want to talk to him on the phone so when they were both in NYC this weekend they talked and worked it all out.

  5. TMZ is reporting his car got stopped by cops in LA and ticketed. probably a simple speeding ticket. No report on his giving for hurricane Sandy relief or anything positive-always a negative story for haters to comment on. They will try to depict him as a thug. that’s why I hate those sites

    • i heard on the radio that (this story isnt true its just what the tmz and paps want to think so they can get a good scoop) Justin Wants to have sex with supermodels or get back with selena. they said (exact words): “will justin get back with selena or go around banging on supermodles from victoria’s secret? the real question is, does justin have the desire to do any of these things?”

      • #Agreed ppl shud just leave them alone.. seriously..

        ik writing bout them gets yu $$$$$..

        but c’mon… if this was u, u wudnt want the papz in yo face everyday wit these same questions:
        “Wat happened with you and selena?”
        “Are yu guys getting back together?”
        “How do you think selena feels about you hitting on, nd hanging out with Victoria Secret Models?”
        “Do you think selena is wrong for breaking up with you?”
        “Are you at all sorry for cheating on selena?”

        these questions get old.. #JustBeingHonest

        i will always have yur back jb… as for selly-sel…. ehhh i will hve yur bac too.. lmao


  6. i love him. its good that he is taking things off his mind. distractions are always best when things dont go ur way. keepin it cool justin. swaggy :D


  8. hey guys did u know that seleena post on her fansite zone.com there is a pic of her with some other guy thats not fair dood she forget justin and hangout with another guy justin also have to enjoy now with his fans or with someother girl plz justin don,t feel bad we r here love u justin and guys ans me

    • @essie j: even if his single n ready to mingle; it don’t mean that his not over selena. And besides if his single, you can’t even have him lol.

      • @isle gurl why don’t u learn some english first ;) and plz wake up baby “jelena” is OVERRRRRRRR ;) and if i’m gonna have him or not it’s non of ur business & it’s my opinion so stay the hell out of it BITCH :D

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