Justin Bieber Shows His Big Heart

Justin Bieber is one of the world’s biggest stars, with an even bigger heart. After hearing about the Berry children, who lost their parents in a tragic car accident that left two of the kids paralyzed from the waist down, Justin wanted to help. He created the Show Your Hearts campaign (www.showyourhearts.org), garnering support from the public and other celebs alike (like Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt), to raise the necessary funds needed for the three kids’ soaring medical bills. Justin has been able to bring hope and faith to Peter, Aaron, and Willa, making a difference in the lives of ordinary kids thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Young Hollywood cameras were there for the moment when the Berry children finally met Justin Bieber for the first time!

    • Sorry I haven’t responded to anyone, I left the site for the day when you guys commented. #mysecondfamily. Anyway, @Alyssa sweetie luvzjb, Ain’t that the truth! All TMZ does is lie and be negative. @(MJ &JB fan)- No, it is not wierd. I do the same exact thing! And @gangam style- good answer. Nobody knows, and it’s nobody’s business. But I am really confused!

  1. that is soo nice of justin to give the berry kds the spiret they need! i almost cried! those kids are lucky that they survived and they should allways be healthy and live long. go bless everyone in this world and let god watch over the berry children.
    (and their parents in heaven.)

  2. He is the most amazing person in the world with the biggest heart. He cares for everyone for any cause and never ask for anything in return because he is just that sweet.

  3. those kids are strong i cannot go a day without my mom or dad
    i just realized that kisd younger than me are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stronger than me love you berry children

  4. OMB, DIS MADE me CRY, :’( dis is why i love Justin Bieber sooooooooooo much.. he’s soo kind, caring, amazing, inspiring,, n he has a big caring heart etc. wow,

    wish those kids all da best n stay strong,, muchlove

  5. i have no words to describe justin,these r thing that make me love and respect justin even more everyday <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  6. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo justin that,s my baby i can,t say anything love u justin u have such a big heart……………………………………….

  7. I love you sooo much Justin you are the sweetest guy . U have not just a big heart you have an amazing heart.:)

  8. justin is so amazing he has such a big heart he’s a caring person i love him :D My best wishes and prayers go to those kids for a speedy recovery :)

  9. That is the reason people love you Justin.You don’t have only the big music but you also have big heart proved by helping cancer patients,charity,raising money for needy people and all that the best stuff.I’m your a die hard and never say never fan.I love everything about you.Your voice,your outfits,your behaviour,your humanity etc. and etc.I’m liking you as an adult more than I liked you when you were a teen.I like you latest great sensation BELIEVE album.I’m sure not only girls and teens but also adults will love you.Please come to India.Every Indian fan is waiting for you.I’m sure you will touch the height where the one and only one Michael Jackson was.I’m sure you will be the second and only one Michael Jackson.But for that,you have to do a lot.This is just beginning.GOOD LUCK JB…..!SHAWTY….!

  10. well the story is sad but thanks to justin for having such a big heart to help out those three kids even though those kids are not related to him…really hope justin and selena will fix things out sooner or later but anyways much love for those three kids in the hospital hope ya’ll get well:)….<3 kids

    • stop saying crap on this site. dont judge justin. he is a nice person and if u ever want to say any word out of your mouth it should be polite. iinstead of insulting justin ok? if u dont like him, GET OFF THE SITE.

      Love u justin bieber! go help all the children! :)

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