Video: Justin Bieber Sticking Middle Finger to Paparazzi again!

A video of Justin mad at paparazzi surfaced today showing him sticking up his middle finger while driving his white Ferrari. This isn’t the first time Justin flipping-off the paps.  

Do you think he will apologize again?

Watch the video:

    • i know that im not allowed to be here at all , but the question i have for justin bieber is that it does show justin bieber a little bit of immture child to me , , may be that,s why selena gomez left him for , love david conway

    • get a grip and quit blaming Selena for everything. First you people say Selena has changed Justin, now you’re saying she causes Justin to flip off the paps?! Justin is responsible for his own action! that is the stupidest comment i have ever heard!.

      • I agree with 0_0. Justin has anger issue and needs to control it. Selena is not responsible for what Justin does, he is a grown man and is responsible for himself.

      • Selena is not good enough for Justin is the point. Her and her fishy smelling self Selena I swear to God eats Demi Lavoto’s p#ssy I hate those two wh#res. Justin,was two good for slutlena I hope somebody stabs Selena I her ass and p#ssy so she bleeds out to death. lMFAO :) I would watch it on YouTube everyday. Ha ha haaaaa

      • Btw I,would also hope Demi,lavoto would slip in Selena’s blood and crack her head wide the f#ck open! That would be even more funny two watch. Those two c#nts need to die togther. The more blood the merrier right? Selena and Demi suck eachother’s tampons

      • @ Alyssa sweetie luvzjb, just saying you need some help it’s not funny to joke about people dying like that, how would you like it if someone was laughing at that happening to you b****

    • Shows how immature you are. Justin has anger issues, sorry to break it to you but news flash JUSTIN IS NOT A SAINT. HE IS NOT GOD LIKE SOME OF YOU GIRLS THINK HE IS. He can be an ass sometimes, grow up and just admit that and stop making excuses for him. And I’m a fan, I’m just a mature one who sees things for what they are.

  1. Quit flipping people off. It’s so childish, i think fame has gotten to his head, he’s just like every other celebrity out there in Hollywood now. How hard is it for you to just ignore the paparazzi? does it make you look special if you flip them off? and it’s not going to make the paps stop filming you. The more you flip them off the more they are going to want to collect dirt on you.

  2. I don’t blame him for for doing that because i would also be pretty ticked off that papparazzi is following me everywere i go :)

  3. ya gotta stop blaming everything on selena thats so stupid way cant ya understand that justin grown he does what ever he wants to do selena didnt do nothing to you so stop it!

  4. Woohoo, big shocker ‘OMB, JUSTIN BIEBER STUCK UP THE MIDDLE FINGER!’ like seriously people get a damn grip on yourselfs its just the middle finger, I mean its not like he hasn’t did this before. Plus, its probaly becuz how depressed he is over the ‘Jelena’ break-up I mean he hasn’t even done a another concert yet! U know what? I’m gettin so tird of this bullshit over the little things JB does
    Like people 4real?!

  5. People should stop saying that selena changed him. He is responsible for his own actions. Honestly, i think justin should think before he does anything. Once he does something good or bad, it’ll end up on the news the next day. I know he can’t always be perfect and do the right thing, but imagine what his family back at home will think when they see this video.

  6. Justin don’t do that especialy when ur beliebers were watchin the vid of u doin it I don’t like it when u flip off people and i’m a belieber too. :(
    I luv u Justin :)

  7. Alright let’s say this Justin is just a Regular person. but he’s just makes music and he gets filmed tv and lots of people know him around the world . Because you people just think that just because he’s a celebrity that he has to act a certain way.

  8. He seriously needs to grow the hell up. No wonder why I get so much hate for being a fan now. Because he acts like an ass, and doesn’t know how to dress. Sorry but it’s the truth.

  9. I feel so ba for him the pap are always on him or in his face about something I hope he feels better about whatever is making him unhappy because he’s clearly has been mad or sad about something):)

  10. I get it that he’s probably pissed over Selena and that he doesn’t need paparazzi riding on his ass all day long but come on. Can’t he just ignore them and be more mature about it?

  11. I guess he was in a bad mood and then theres a papz came and justin felt he was disturbed and he then stick his middle finger. But i will do the same if i was anoyyed and the papz even laugh at justin urggghh i wish justins ok

      • Bitch I’m about getting tired of seeing you…you claim you arent a belieber, so how bout you get the f/ck off this website & leave people alone and stop sayin what u feel like you need to say on everyone’s comments. irrelevant @ss…

      • @MaliaBieber101 – you’re just wasting your time. Damn, I’ve gotten in fights more than once with this person, and even though I ALWAYS have the last word, @retartedfangirls will come back. So just stop. I now better handle the situation. It’s irritating, but I’ve learned how to talk. Give it some time. And @retartedfangirls- can’t you call somebody anything else but mad? Just asking.

  12. Justin says hes 18 and making his own decisions so there for he chose to flip them off not selens no one but himself and im sensing she sees it to that justin does have a little anger problem not saying fame has got to his head maybe its stress he probably needs a break from everything soo yea

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