Justin Bieber Surprises the Halo Award Winner!

Justin Bieber surprises the Halo Award winner Kylie Lan Tumiatti. Kylie developed a passion for giving back to the community early on, after watching her younger sister struggle with learning English. Kylie decided to help others who faced similar obstacles and partnered with Operation Hope Florida, a non-profit facility that provides prekindergarten classes to children of migrant workers. Together they implemented a literacy program that enhances the language skills of young children while simultaneously instilling a love of stories and books.

Other honorees are:
Allyson Ahlstrom, 17, from Santa Rosa, CA. (paired with Tyra Banks)
Matt Ferguson, 18, from Hillsboro, OR. (paired with Emma Stone)
Taylor Waters, 19, Sanford, N.C. (paired with Josh Duhamel)

The HALO award ceremony will be taped live from the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, on Saturday, November 17th and premiere Monday, November 19th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nick. The 90-minute special will feature musical performances by Ne-Yo and Neon Trees, celebrity presenters and special surprises.

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