Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha To Perform At 2012 American Music Awards

The list of star-studded performers keeps growing for the 40th annual American Music Awards, with Justin Bieber, Usher, Ke$ha and No Doubt added to the lineup on Monday, reports MTV.

These major acts join an already announced list of chart-topping performers including Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Pink, Carrie Underwood, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera and Linkin Park, who will all take the stage when the show airs live on November 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. More performers and presenters will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Justin Bieber is up for three awards this year including Artist of the Year, which he won in 2010. VOTE JUSTIN!

  • oxBelieberxo

    Can’t wait till it’s on! Please vote for Justin Bieber! He deserves this award..he’s worked very hard to earn them.. Vote Justin!.. Beliebers, we can do this.. we can make it happen, with all your help.. we can succed

    • bieberfever

      Yeah he needs to when those awards he works really hard to get those award

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  • daughterofLordRauhl

    I’m so ready! That just makes the AMA’s more awesome. I remember when he went up on stage when LMFAO was performing Party Rock Anthem. That helped me stand their performance cause they sound terrible…lol. And remember to vote for Justin. He earns all these awards because he works hard and we appreciate it. Show that Justin Bieber and the Beliebers are still the best!

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  • Jsha bieber

    Wow!!! Now i cant wait till 18 Nov.

  • Diana♥JB&1D

    YAYY IM SO HAPPYY! Can’t wait to see him perform, and to see him WIN!!!!

  • Andrea

    cant wait JB

  • jessie

    Can’t wait! :) Come faster

    • vagiabelieber

      plz justin come to Greece soon!!!! please!!!

  • Marlen

    Justin bieber is the best and he has alot of swag like nobody else so ppl pleaz vote

  • alya arnindita

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  • Alisha

    Exciting! Yeah! I am voting for him. He is the best, Hope he win in all catagories. #votejb

  • essie j

    yay i can’t wait :)

  • Original justin bieber

    It was so fun with my taylor swift :):):):)she loved me she loved fans beliebers

  • Original justin bieber

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    • KAHANI

      i love how justin performs and then he takes his shirt off and the girls go crazy. he’s such a HOTTIE. BUT HE DOES HAVE THAT SWAG ABOUT HIM.

  • Original justin bieber

    My best friends are:miley cyrus taylor swift selena gomez demi lovato and i have a lot best friends

  • Original justin bieber

    Answers questions

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    please everybody vote for JUSTİN he will won those 4 awards !!! I BELİEVE !!!!!he worked so hard for us so we can do this for him ……VOTE to see him SMİLE <3 Xxx

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    we couldn’t won any awards for a long tie ………example VMAs remember?????
    and now it’s time for us to ROCK the world ………BELİEBERS we can do this ..!!

    • goldeneda-belieberx3

      time xx

  • Justin Bieber

    NEVER SAY NEVER and *Vote 4 Justin*

    • Justin Bieber

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    • Justins girl

      im hope Justin Biebers Girlfriend is going great at I hope Justin Bieber is going to win everything anything I always watch him if he wins the awards I love ya fyi come in south carolina I want to see you doing your moves and singing bring your girlfriend peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR MY #1 SINGER AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER. I WILL VOTE 4 UUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justins girl

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  • Original justin bieber

    Selena gomez said :thank u :)