Justin Bieber “The Lion King” NYC

Justin Bieber looked unhappy as he went to see The Lion King Musical in New York City on Thursday, just 24 hours after partying with sexy Victoria’s Secret models.

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  • belieberforever


    • Bieberforever

      Freaking. Hot!!!!!

      • magy

        of course he is

  • MaliaBieber101

    He is probally sad he had to leave! :(

  • miss bieber

    justin biueber isprobally sad cuz he need to live i love you justin bieber

  • sara bieber

    he is too cute and beautiful especially with his costume


  • krabby patty

    :( i can’t see him sad. it makes me sad

    maybe the musical was just touchy idk

  • jullia

    omg your so hot this is ur new loock ???

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    his style …….omg I LOVE HİM !!!

  • essie j

    he looks so cute :)

  • Bieberforever

    Hes. So. Cute! I. Lovvvvveeee. Him!

  • Bieberfever

    Y so sad Justin

    • Bieberforever

      He’s. So. Hot! I loveeeeee. Him! I.want. You! You’re. Songs.
      Make. Me. Smile! I. Feel. Like. Your girl! Justin Bieber please! Come. Meet. Him! I. Have. Begging. For. 4. Years! I. ‘m. Not. Kidding! Please!

    • KAHANI


      • BieberForever

        yes he so does

  • Jsha bieber

    So sexy, X0X0X0

  • Alisha

    Aww! Don’t be sad baby, He is looking so hot n sexy in his dress.

  • jelena

    omb!why is he so sad lately?

  • ivan

    the window in back of his car was broken, there are crazy people in nyc. Justin be carefull! Additionally the web is abuzz over a model going with him and others to the show. Breakup with Selena? Publicity prank for upcoming fall video? Who knows? This guy is a genius among pop stars today-A reason i am a big fan.

  • ivan

    Hope he dresses like this more often, he looks like a young James Bond!

  • jb love

    omg hez dammmnmmm…….. hot

    m dying

  • Real sastika belieber

    1st of ol HES LOOKING DAYYUM sexy !!HOTTER with the best style n outfit of course BUT his sadness I really dont know actually bt maybe because something went wrong in the party or whatsoever pls #STAYSTRONG n smile i LOVE U N UR SMILE N UR everything ur mah LIFE Justin

  • #1 belieber in Maldives

    OH MY BIEBER!!! Justin looks soooo damn HOT and SEXY in that outfit..
    not that he doesnt look hot and sexy in other outfits..
    and and …very formal..
    Don’t be sad dear love,
    cuz baby you sad i cry and baby you smile i smile.
    and cuz we, beliebers will be there for you always insha Allhah no matter how hard the time is…<3 you bieber

  • negar

    he is the sexiest,the cutest boy in the world and i love him

  • IL_Jelena

    ugh…. he doesnt even luk right ‘NOT’ smiling…. :(

    he’s still sexy a’f… lol

    he just.. idk… hate it when ppl r sad…

    selena upset him???????????? ahhhhh dont wanna thnk bout that..

    (that wud be sooo effed up.. rlly >:-[ )

    -ALyssa #BeAlright

  • Maria Bieber

    Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 and hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Original justin bieber

    Aww thank u cute girl i love u soo muchh:)

  • Mrs.Bieber~Malik~Styles

    even wen hes mad he is still SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! :*

  • EMMA

    with MODELS or only Barbara ? ??

  • oxBelieberxo

    Justin, don’t be sad.. everything’s gonna be alright

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    He looks kind of sad, but he also looks kind of pissed off at something…maybe it was a touching performace? Or he was upset and mad that he had to leave the place (you decide which place.)? But these pictures also highlight the fact that he always looks hot, no matter what. :) Anyway, don’t be so upset, whatever it was. We like to see you smile rather than sad. :)

  • mohammednasser

    ilove justin bieber


    he lookz mad wat happened? don’t like seeing ma justin mad, :( btw lookz cute in da out-fit <3

  • Mary

    Is it just me or he looks pale!!!

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    I BETCHA HIM AND SELENA BROKE UP!!! I meen that wld b a perfect date 4 tha two of them, instead he goes himself. SELENA IF U HURT HIM THEN KALMA WILL COME RIGHT BACK AT U!!! We here 4 u justin <33