Justin Bieber Took Selfies!

Justin Bieber grabbed fan’s phones on stage and took selfies during show at MSG last night!

  1. Oomg! Sooo lucky! He is the cutest guy. We r so lucky that we have such a good, sweet n nice idol, who luvs us so much, inspire us. luv u justin <3

  2. THAT WAS MY PHONE ALDJFASDLJFLKASDJFSDO;AILKJFA;DLSF CHECKMYINSTAGRAM @sofia_badalamenti and @baiocco_a and my twitter@sofia_bieber47 jafljaskdflaskjdf;alsdjd;aslfa

  3. #LuckyA**Fans

    ughhhh they r sooo luckkyyy!! ;)

    i want jb to steal mah fone nd tke pix on it <3

    he is oooohhhh soooo sexxyyy..

    he gets sexier wit age.. if i mite say so myself ;) ;) ;) ;) :) :) :) :)
    always nd forever will luv the biebz! <3
    amazing performace<3

  4. If JUSTIN BIEBER ever touched my phone and took beautiful pics of himself on my phone I would cry and tell him I <3 him.I <3 u Justin.

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