Justin Bieber Video Taping Niall’s One Direction!

Niall from One Direction checks in #WEKNOWTHEDJ. Niall’s probably the only 1D’s member who’s close to Justin.

    • why?! I mean selena brings bad luck to every one she dates!!!
      she tryies to make guys be attracted to her! then they date .then she gets the attention then she fools his fans to love her and then she dumps him and then the very fool fans stay by her side and then the other guy fame fades!
      AN ENORMOUS EXAMPLE: beliebers….beliebers use to rule and I wasn’t a fan of him then but seeing such a strong family made me wanna join in!
      and then half of the beliebers are now directioners and selenators!
      justin wants to win her back so much and she doesn’t even care! when he broke up with her in july…and she was chasing him,he gave her a thought and got back!
      but selena is mean!! am crying soooo much right now!!!
      where is the word that beliebers kept and said “if selena breaks justin heart we will kill her. but now am hearing this from selenators!

      • for one.. allllll beliebers arent like dat.. lol i was a #Selenator before a #Belieber… js..

        im not one of those obsessive fans… but i respect him nd wat he does..
        that shyyt wit dat model.. was pretty ‘iffy’ if yu were on the outside lukin in.. but thats just the thing..
        selly-sel broke up wit him a week prior to that.. atleast thats wat she had said.. soo y wud she b mad? they werent dating.. #Jelena is confusin the shyyt outta me..
        not tkin sides.. but i thnk selly-sel listened to the ppl around her more than actually confronting justin about it.. she IS A WOMAN.. she needs to act like onee.. thats all.. nd whoever is wrong.. is wrong.. if justin cheated.. then JUSTIN DREW BIEBER is wrong.
        but if he ddnt nd selly-sel was just lukin for an excuse to end it or break his heart.. the SELENA GOMEZ is wrong..

        damn.. justin is not perfect.. he can f**k up.. he’s only human. so all these ppl ina daze saying how justin is soooo perfect nd he never does anything wrong.. mite get a wake-up call…. ‘MAYBE’..
        idk i thought nuthn of the pic when i saw it.. ppl shud just chill nd let them live their life.. rlly


  1. I respect Niall even though I don’t like 1D, he treats Justin like his brother and I am glad Justin is happy. Keep up the gr8 work Niall and Justin. <3 u Justin!

  2. I. Love. Justin’s. Laugh!!!! He. Soooooooooo. Hansome! I. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Him! He’s. The. Best. Person I. Have. Ever. Seen!:) :):):)

      • NO hun!!! the sentence by u directioners”1d is better than justin” said in our fandom and fan base!!!
        not trying to start a fight but…proofing u wrong just like u “tried” to proof @#believe in beibah wrong!

    • I agree 100% Niall is the only one I see so far in 1D that treats Justin like a person.The fans make me angry they always comparing 1D to Justin. There different one is solo and the other is a boy band.The main reason there fans make me angry is calling people names just because they don’t the same band, or go to our site and throw hate bombers at us and Justin, and let’s not forget youtube they don’t write things on the 1D channel but write hate on out channel.

      • Apparently, you know NOTHING about 1d’s fandom. At least we dont hate on our idols girlfriends or send hate to other talented artists. Here’s a fact, did you know 1/4 of the beauty and a beat video was watched by Directioners? You wouldnt have made that VEVO record without Directioners. That’s what makes me sick about Beliebers, they jump to conclusions WAY TO QUICKLY and they dont even know ANYTHING about Directioners, so stfu and have a good day

  3. Justin and naill are so cute ! Aw I love you guys ! And it’s so adorable that they are friends !!(: love yu Justin !❤

      • Yeah actually 1d and jb get along really well
        Oh and i am sorry if i offended anyone with my previous comments I need 2 admit i am not good with revenge i guess i will need 2 stand semibelieber insulting directioners
        Im really sorry

  4. i miss the old justin like when he was just becoming famous he was actully thought he was hott! BUT NOT ANYMORE! The other day i was a the movie theater and i saw this reaaly cute boy he looked like the younger cuter justin. now i will never ever be on this site again so BYE!

    • seeeeeeee!!! fans are fading…and btw selena tried to change justin..cuz she was too mature for him and he didn’t want her to go..but too late all the
      was for nuthin!!!!!!

    • Goodbye, but ur making a mistake Justin is always gonna be hot. Does it matter how he looks, people r not just belieber’s because how he looks r dress. We <3 Justin because he's a gr8 person, he loves his belieber's, he visits sick kids at hospitals, loves his family, team, and animals. Also his music inspires people to Never Say Never to there dreams and believe in what u believe in. So after my ranting and u still want to leave u can.

  5. OMG !! niall met justin again ?! im a big directioner and belieber . long time ago , harry used to took niall away after met justin so he could FREAK OUT . but now niall must be proud bcoz justin was like his brother . huhh ~ im really proud of him . i love u nialler ! luv u harreh ! love u lou ! luv u zayynn ! luv u liam ! n of course , my big idol , JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!

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