Justin Bieber Vogue!

Justin Bieber posing for Vogue magazine at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

  1. Please. Meet. Me. Justin Bieber. Just. Pease! You’re the. Only. Human. Being.
    I. Even. I. Like! You. Inspire me. So much! I. See. You. Every day! When. I. Don’t see. You. I. Cry! I’m. Serious!! I. Love. You!n

  2. dear Justin bieber,
    please don’t break up with Selena gomez you two look good
    together and many people admire you two,please don’t break
    up with her.you two are lucky to have each other,please don’t
    let go.come to think there’s no other girls can do what Selena
    can do to you and your family.(goodness my mum would kill me
    if she saw my comment,she only wants me to write good

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