Justin Bieber Will Not Face Charges in Paparazzi Beating

Justin Bieber won’t be charged in the paparazzi beating, reports TMZ.

Justin allegedly beat up a paparazzo back in May and the photographer called police and filed a complaint against the Biebs. He  could have been charged with a misdemeanor battery charge, but police will not charge him.

The L.A. County D.A. will NOT file criminal charges, because of conflicting witness accounts and an overall lack of evidence.

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    ya thats correct bcs justin didn,t do anything wrong with paparazzi and on which thing justin have to got the punishment y but now he is save love u justin i am v.v.v.v.v.v. happy and sad also bcs my exams have been started my first exam is on sunday maths exam itsto difficult but love u justin i will see your news everyday and never leave u ok by tc love u

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    justin didn’t beat that paparazzi thank god he won’t face charges ;)

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      agree thank god

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    Its 0bvious that how they can have proves of it or any evidance, when justin didn’t beated any papparazzi. That pap just wanted some $$$$. Justin can never do so. Love u My baby <3

  • Jsha bieber

    Its 0bvious that how they can have proves of it or any evidence, when justin didn’t beated any papparazzi. That pap just wanted some $$$$. Justin can never do so. Love u My baby <3

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    If he say so

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    i dont think Justin did anything, the paps just want a interesting story && some $$$$$. most likely!

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      I agree @k.bieber.

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      @K.Bieber I agree with u

  • JaylaBieber

    That sure did take a long time- considering the fact that it was proven that he was lying and had no evidence like a few weeks after it happened.

  • K.Bieber

    were are the cuts && bruises from the beating since hes a pap why didn’t he take pics if he really “beat him” like he says ?!

  • ivan

    Some practically made him out to be a thug over this, they media never reports on the good things he does but on the negative things. That’s why I despise the media and gossip sites. I refute all false charges against him on u-tube and all I get is nasty replies such as to go kill myself. There are evil people out there!

  • lea milos-bieber


  • oxBelieberxo

    So glad Justin didn’t get charged. I knew anyways that he didn’t punch the paps. The paparazi’s are nothing but liers


    why w’ll Justin pay for? coz those crazy papz r the one who started da who thing,, soo ma baby dont hv 2 be charged..

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    pretty sure that was like aaggeessss ago…

  • MaliaBieber101

    WOW! that took a long time..i almost forgot about it! but GOOD he didnt need to get pressed charges on if the dude was lyin..

  • Alisha

    Yes!!! Luv u justin <3 #belieberforever #believeinbieber

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Never did forget about this… I kind of let it go but kept in the back of my mind. I thought since I hadn’t heard about it in a while that it was a publicity stunt. Well I was right. And you know what? That sounds good to me. Reminds me of the account in the Bible when Jesus was arrested. (Not saying he’s Jesus but looking for an example here.) Jesus had conflicting witnesses against him too. And they had evidence. Of NOTHING. Only reason they did that is so they could kill him. Same thing with these paps. They only wanted topsay this because they thrive on negativity and

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      Sorry. I started a comment and accidentally hit submit. I was mad. But if you want to see the real comment; read below. Sorry.

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Never did forget about this. I kinda let it go for a while but it was still there. I thought since nothing was done about it for a while it was all a publicity stunt. Apparently I was right. This really reminds me of when Jesus got arrested. (Not saying that Justin’s Jesus. Just looking for an example.) Jesus had false testemonies against him too. Even though the witnesses didn’t agree. Because they were lying. And they had evidence. Of NOTHING. They just wanted him dead. Same with the paps. But their reason is this- they thrive on negative stories and need something “interesting” to write about. Justin’s been standing up to them lately. So they did something that served their purpose. And they want $$$. I know they have to feed their families. But don’t stalk people and make lies. I know I probably lost you at Jesus. Sorry. I just wanted something to compare it to and that stuck out. Thank you if you took the time to read this. I’m done now.


    As I have said : Justin is innocent !

  • Justin diana

    I love jb face hey jb im ur just girlfriend lol :D:p


    be responsible for your action n face the charges,there is nothing wrong facing those charges.hey nobody is perfect just face it.

  • justin biebers girlfriend!!

    i so glad justin bieber beating a person. i really justins girlfriend now. my name is Amber Lynne Bieber.

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    justin eu te amooooooooooooooooooooooo. justin voce e a menino mais lindo que eu ja vi