Justin Bieber’s “Cry Me A River” in Boston, MA

Justin Bieber covers Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” in Boston, Massachusetts.

  1. Awwwweeee, I love listening to justin! He’s definetly an inspiration. He has the voice of a true angel. I cried a river listening to him

  2. He sang acoustic to several songs and sounded great, take that haters who think he can’t sing without auto-tune or back track! I hope he does this more often next to kanter rather than on a lifted platform. Timberlake, who at one time wanted to sign him, should be proud of his use of his song.

  3. I think it’s about Selena, that he sung it for her, he sung it once on her tour before. He’s sung it a couple of times. so cute.

  4. I was there last night when he sang it. It was so beautiful. And for all of you who were saying he was crying or sad he was fine the whole concert so don’t make up stuff. But when Nicki sang selenur during BAAB he totally stopped singing and looked a little upset. So there is definately something going on I think.

    • I feel sorry for Justin and i think Nicki should change Selenur into Beliebers. So it would be like this “Buns out wiener, gotta keep an eye on Beliebers!”

  5. Omg he has the cutest voice and he is the cuttest thing ever i love him and i feel so bad for what happened with him and Selena Gomez and i don’t care what people say about him but he is one of the hottest things in earth.

  6. wow what a way to ruin my man’s song little boy!. I thought you didn’t want to be compared to THE MAN ?. All of us JT fans are laughing at your stupid ass because you can’t sing to save your life! how dare you ruin my man’s song.

  7. Trying to be Justin Timberlake SMH I can picture JT face palming because his music is now totally destroyed by a little boy that can’t sing.

  8. he’s got a beautiful voice?! You little girls need your ears check, his 20 million fans must be DEAF! because this boy has officially destroyed Justin Timberlake song….Sorry JT you should sue JB’s ass for this!

    • Just so you and everyone else that said Justin ruined JT’s song know, JT fought with Usher over him. I don’t think he would have if he’s so untalented. Just a thought.

  9. Why is this girly boy singing a song by the one true talented singer on earth?. Quit using other people’s music to gain more popularity you girly boy.

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