1. btw that was me who Justin was singing to me,kissing me,touching on me,& watching movies together.oh Justin your the best boyfriend.but really the concept of this is YOU being his GIRLFIREND.

  2. Omg!!!!!!! I. Love. That. Perfume! It’s. Soooooooo. Flood! I. Spray. On it.
    A. Ton!!! Justin Bieber please. Meet. Me. Just. Please

  3. Good. Job. Sweetie! I. Love. Him. As. My. Boyfriend! I MissHim! I need. To.
    Him. To. He. On. My. Next. Album! He’s. Hopeless. Bad. Romantic!
    I. Love. You. Justin Bieber! I. Will. Call. U! Bye!

  4. Loving it!! That was hot. Dayyumm boy. I wish it was longer too. I want to be his girlfriend. Justin, I still haven’t gotten my first kiss yet.. maybe you could… kiss me? :D

  5. if i was your girlfriend hahahahahahahahhaah i wanna meet u and big special thing that i want to kiss u my justin love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plz plz come to meet me give me a surprise i love surprises plz meet me i can,t come to meet u bcs my parents didn,t allowed me to meet u i hide u from them soooooooooo plz meet me i am in abu dhabi love u by my name is sahar ok by

  6. I actually get the point of this now… the point is to imagine that you’re his girlfriend. Damn! Why did I just realize that now? Through your eyes… I get the point of that now too. It’s looking at him “through your eyes” in the commercial. So, nice commercial. Just brilliant.

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