Justin Bieber’s Soil/Dirt from his Hometown for Sale!

A jar of dirt/soil from Justin Bieber’s hometown Stratford, Ontario CANADA is put up for sale via Ebay.com

EBay seller ‘thatsridonculus’ promises the dirt was collected personally from the Bieb’s home town “with love” and includes a certificate of authenticity with the package.

According to the listing, the soil is sanitized and safe for transport to be shipped anywhere in the world. It comes in a vial adorned with a bejewelled “J” for Justin.

The starting bid for the Bieber Soil is $39.99. :)

More pics:

  • K.Bieber

    how cool, and first ! xD

    • Alisha

      Yup! I really wanna go to his hometown.

      • oxBelieberxo

        Me too. Maybe someday through #NeverSayNever, right?

    • Bieber – Lover

      i’ve always wanted to go to Canada since i was 6. that would nice to recieve some soil there.



  • Je T’ aime

    please, i can always go to stratford and get some soil, this person is just doing this because they know how much us beliebers love justin and we would do anything. probably even buy some soil from his hometown.

    • Jsha bieber

      Hmmmm this is pretty good for those beliebers,who don’t live in U.S.

  • Je T’ aime

    [cobtinued] for this amount of money.

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    thats kinda stupid no offenceee cnt u just go 2 his town and get it i mean tones of pp live there anywayy???

    • essie j

      agree :)

  • essie j

    thats a waste of money o.O they can’t Invoke through justin to sell things !!! whats next “justin bieber’s chairs from his hometown for sale” ;)

    • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

      agreed. 1. Who says it is really from jb’s home town. 2. so many people live in that town. 3. No offence but I am sure Justin bieber would fine this ridiculous. 4. its not like he actually owned that soil. 5.it is SILLY it is dirt!!!!

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow love u justin i want to live in your town and even in your house love ya justin

  • Beebuh Is Mine Bitch :*

    lol hahahah

  • Natalie

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL omg thats so dumb, ahahahaha i wonder who’s gunna be the one to pay 40$ on dirt LMFAO

  • mohammed

    this is so stupid it’s still dirt

  • Jelena?

    uhmm.. i like jb.. alot.. luv him…

    but i am not buyin no dirt.. whoever collected this is #OverlyObsessive nd shud rlly chill out..

    just like when jb got his haircut, his locks went on sale… i mean c’mon ppl…


    srry biebs.. ur inspirational nd an amazing peron whom i respect soo much, but yu r not gunna see no bidding frum this fan.. luv yu.

    ugh i just cant get over how weird nd crazy nd over-the-top this is….. :?

    plzz stay normal justin.. <3

    • BeliebersForever

      I agree with u @Jelena? I am also a fan that <3's Justin, but I wouldn't bid on this. Some people r so crazy and I know what u mean about his locks of hair.A girl in my class acted like she has Justin Bieber's hair she sold it 2 this other girl, and I saw it was hay or something that was painted.I know it was paint because it looked fake and there were some spots not painted.

  • M.M

    Ok ? That’s weird just sayin soli !

  • JaylaBieber

    BULLSHIT! Jk, I’m sooooo going to buy that. Trololololololol.

  • mrs.swaggiebieber

    I love Justin, but who in the hell buys dirt? What if it isn’t even from his house? But that’s not the point… point is that ppl are not gonna bid on that.. I hope…

  • Mrs.Bieber

    that j is smexy

  • Sarah Bieber

    uh..dirt? Do people think that beliebers are so stupid that we will buy ANYTHING that is related to justin? I mean DIRT, REALLY?



  • brittlovesthebiebs

    LOL, i just go to stardford and get it myself … and not have to pay any money LOL :D #canadiangirl #woot #justin



  • Melanie

    This is stupid. They don’t even have a reason for selling a jar of dirt? Why dirt?

  • Bella Swan

    I will also go. Its too good.


    I hate school

  • mao

    yo amo a justin bieber y le que desir a justin qe benga a Argentina