Like a Boss: Justin Bieber Walks in the Rain Fashionably

Justin Bieber exits out of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show rehearsal space on Wednesday (November 7) in New York City. Justin will be performing for the televised fashion show, which tapes tonight and airs on CBS on December 4th.

He tweeted:

“Good rehearsal this morning. Storm is coming.”

There is a big storm predicted to happen in New York City – hope the Angels keep dry!!!

      • I live near NY, and it’s snowing sice 2:00 pm, & right now it’s almost 11:00 pm. And I’m actually supposed to be sleeping, but I just needed to see what Justin’s up to. Calm me a stalker. xD LOL

  1. not “like a boss” .. he look like he’s acting like one of those celebrities that think to highly of themselves.. hold your own umbrella bro

    • So if he just doesn’t wanna hold his umbrella for ONCE, he immediately turns into a sick, boss, celebrity? Wow. He works really hard, and he can’t ask somebody to hold his umbrella? Please, wake up & grow up. -_- Not trying to be rude. Just saying. :/

    • natalie i don’t think a belieber would say “he look like he’s acting like one of those celebrities that think to highly of themselves” just because he didn’t hold his umbrella doesn’t mean he got an ego ;)

  2. Pattie: “Pull up your pants!” Justin: “Mum! -__-”
    Selena: “Justin, pants.” Justin: *laughs*
    Alfredo: “Bieber, yo pants are fallin’ down.” Justin: *ignores*
    Scooter: “Justin, please pull up your pants.” Justin: “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.”
    Ellen: “Pull up your pants, Justin.” Justin: *pulls up pants*


    • uuummmmm justins cute why r we trying 2 change him if justin wants 2 sag his pants down 2 his knees he can and theres a plus WE GET 2 C HIS NICE ASS dont we like that veiw so guys justin is his own person he is 18 come on we now justin is not stupid we luv justin we believe in him WUV U JUSTIN

  3. He looks so freakin sexxxy!!! I want to meet him so bad!!! I hope he is save and does not get sick!!! I love you Justin!!! <3

  4. Okay, the pants are weird. Why are they so big in the top area, and then so skinny at the legs? And don’t give me, “Justin needs the pants comfortable for Jerry.” or “Jerry needs to breathe & have space.” because those aren’t answers. And if your just here for Jerry than you can consider yourself as a fan, because you ain’t a Belieber. So…yeah…like…can anyone like answer my question…

  5. Ikr Yes! of course,he has hands but it doesn’t mean that he should hold the umbrella all the time,while its rainin. #He is a big P0p Star and 1 of the most busy person in the world so he can get tired Sometimes. Natalie Its Not a big deal……. FDLAMBO

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