Mariah Yeater’s Baby Drama Returns!

You may have thought that Justin Bieber’s baby daddy drama with fame-seeker Mariah Yeater was over and done after Justin took a DNA paternity test last year (Sept-2011). But nope, it’s all coming back again.

Mariah’s attorney Jeffery Leving claims that he never received the DNA test results from Justin.

Jeffery Leving told the Daily News:

“I have not seen [Bieber’s] DNA test results or had them scrutinized. If there was a first test, and I have no documentation to say there even was, I wasn’t provided with the results.

“I have not had my demands for an independent DNA test carried out by Mr. Bieber.”

In case you have forgotten, Mariah accused Justin of being the father of her now-15-month-old son Tristyn after they allegedly had sex in the Staples Center bathroom after a show. Justin has denied these claims from the very beginning. He even wrote a song about Mariah for his album Believe.

  • Ayooshy

    Omg this is crazy!!!! It’s pretty obvious that a 16 year old boy wouldn’t have do it with a 30 year old boy AT his concert!! You people need to shut up and stop trying to take his money!!!!

    • khloe99

      Actually he was 17 and she’s like 19 or 20 now

      • SandraBieber14.

        &He is not the father! endit.

      • khloe99

        I know he’s not the father oh and I was saying that this hold baby drama started when he was 17 I wasn’t referring to his age now I was talking about back then and besides I know Justin would want nothing to do with this fame hogging freak

  • Ngân Duyên

    OMG… Nếu anh trong sạch thì hãy làm sao cho chúng câm nín luôn đi. Còn nếu anh có lỡ… thì Belieber chúng em không trách gì anh đâu, hãy nhận lỗi của mình anh nhé! :)
    Beliebers always hoping you PURE.

  • FeLiCia Bieber

    That is just crazy hey.. Justin is not capable of this..#Forever a Belieber..Peace.

  • Alisha

    Oh god! What the hell……… not again, this is so stupid. She is irritating, how she can use her baby in this non-sense story? #believeinbieber

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    never believe the shits

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    who we are to choose anything for j.b its his personal life he will choose himself take care byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • ReshmiBieber

    This is sooo freakingly irritating….. if its making we BEliebers mad.. then whats the condition of our Justin ?? oh my gosh…. !! why the hell shes doing ?? she can get publicity by her good deeds .. but no.. she had to blame Justin !! shit people…. im totally freaking out !! ugh…. leave HIM alone… !! stop this shit !

  • always belieber

    dont worry because we r justin bieber fans and we will support justin bieber also<3


    The behaviour this woman is outrageous !

    I suppose that this deal is plot in order to bring Justin Bieber to ruin .

  • Jsha bieber

    Stfu! She did this Drama for fame as everybody knows and after two years she want this drama back to get some more fame this is really Annoyin.

  • Jsha bieber

    Follow me on twitter @jshabieber i’ll follow u back.

  • Sabina Bina

    Omg she is a big bitch >.< F**k her

    • Lokani

      WTF Seriously the drama starts, hopefully everything stays on the DL, and doesnt go haywire., like it always does.,

  • essie j

    that bitch should die she’s so stupid and obviously she wants to ruin justin’s career

  • Shaliny Belieber

    what the f****!!! who wud have ever let her enter backstage anyway??? i totally believe justin!…he cant do this..

    • Cheyenne


    • K.Bieber

      Shes cray-cray……. she needs to do something with her life..

  • lovely

    L E A V E HIM A L O N E

  • Mrs.bieberYE$

    Omg! She need to get a life ! And a JOB !!!!

    • Cheyenne

      LOL!!! Thats Funny!!!

  • Whom does Sastika love the most?? – Justin bieber

    what the freaking shit again??these people dont have any work to do eww!! go find a job!!! I hate THESE STUFFS !!!DONT THEY HAVE sense of humour or WHAT?? N why this LEVING or whatsoever should appear now? why not that time ugghhh just fake!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN n always with u no matter what!!! #BELIEBERSDEFENDJUSTIN LOVE U

  • sarra

    bull shit , justin won’t do this !!

  • Mark Belieber

    Maria returns with more danger

  • Mark Belieber

    Maria returned with more danger

  • Kidrauhl

    OMFG this dumb bitch needs to stop & move on with her life.Justin is NOT the baby daddy you stupid bitch.

  • ivan

    The Daily News found the story they like to report, not his donating money for disaster relief which they ignored. Miss cheater and the money hungry laywer are probably hoping for a money settlement since Justin has no time for trials. He might have to take another blood test and prove them wrong. Anyway, her boyfriend did dispute her own story I believe.

  • je t’adore

    That woman really needs help….justin is not the father of that baby…

  • Jessica Bieber


  • Sup

    What the fu-k is her problem why can’t she just leaves the fu– alone! :/

  • belieber

    this woman is crazy :D :D :D

  • letticia

    eu nao acretito q o justin bieber e pai ae na acretido mesmo

    • letticia

      eu amo justin bieber de mais e ja ter filhos e com a selena gomez

  • letticia

    eu nao acredito q o justin bieber e pai eu nao acredoto mesmo

  • Liliana

    Justin is not the father of her baby, he has my support.I love him so much.

  • ….

    its all coming back wen hes get back with his Girlfriend its Not truee

    • Joey

      shut up